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Recently I've decided to travel back into the world of Neverwinter 2, and I found out that my Polish copy of the game has only Polish version in it.

As I came to appreciate original, English releases a lot more these days I looked for solutions to change the game from Polish to English and I was successful, apart for the spoken voices + narration, that is.

Hence my request if someone would be as kind as to upload the English voice packs for Neverwinter Nights 2 and Mask of the Betrayal I'd be super grateful. Only the files with the voices. I think it's a mistake on the Polish distributor's part not to include the original voiceovers with the game, nonetheless it didn't, therefore I need to find a fix for that elsewhere.

I hope somebody could help me

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OK I think I've found it it's a file called VO ( makes sense really ) in the data folder it'll probably be fine if you just stick it in your overrride. Do you still want it ?

Hallo, Can i ask you the files VO , VO_X1 and VO_x2 so i can change the voices of mi game from spanish to english, tahnk´s and i hope you understand mi english

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