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Alien Trilogy ps1 and pc


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Aaaaaah i remember when my mom bought me the ps1 in 1997... She bought 2 games for me with it, Dino crisis wich was very cool but most important she bought me ALIEN TRILOGY!!!! Omg i cant remember how many hours i passed on this game, doing the levels at 100% killing all the aliens and search for the fake walls in every rooms, the ambiance and the musics... Mmmmmmh honestly thats an orgasm for my ears <3 I still play it on my ps1 of that time and recently i found it on an abandonware site, installed it with my DOS emulator and was surprised, some little twists with the ps1 version, in the pc version Ripley have a voice and say funny things like "Diiiiie" or "Burn baby buuuuurn" (Somehow remind me Duke Nukem 3D). For me its one of the best Doom-like with "Star Wars : Dark Forces" Even if the story isnt exactly the same than the trilogy (Yes i said trilogy, never heard of any Alien 4...that doesnt exist) but they managed to mix the elements of the 3 movies and make a cool story with it... If there was a law where we could marry our games well this one would be my first wife!

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