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Making a module for first time! What do you think?


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Hello! You've probably never heard of me before but I've kept this module in secret long enough! The demo of the module is in early beta but is in steady progress.


I present to you:

The Legend of Kalvilon - Book I The Great Descent


It requires these main mods:


CEP 2.65

CMP 1.0

Raathi Pack I & II


The Single Player Version Recommended Installs:

OHS Henchmen (allows for more than one henchman. It's on the new .org vault... just look it up)


The Multiplayer Version Recommended Installs:

PRC 3.5



NOTE: OHS Henchmen and PRC are NOT compatible with each other! Don't Install them together!


Theme of the Series:

It uses themes from Diablo, Betrayal at Krondor, Baldur's Gate, Might and Magic (Games 6 - 8 ), Dungeon Siege 1 (The Multiplayer Map).


NOTE: This is a tribute to the hardcore rpg fans of old! I know you guy's have been waiting for something like this for a long time and I wanted to show how much I love the traditional role playing game franchise. I hope you guys like this series! Please note this game will have HARD Puzzles in it! Please don't rage quit! Simply walk away and come back when your ready to try again... IF YOU SURVIVE... :devil:


However the story, the character, and the setting were created by me.YEP, I'm the only on creating this... I'm learning as I go along though...


The story you'll have to find out for your self! I don't think I have a release date yet... like for quite a while! Wish me luck guys!


OH! By the way! The mod will come with a custom hak file containing a custom ambientmusic 2da that lists the music from both packs! I however cannot provide the music for you... you'll have to download the music from the vault yourselves. Ya know... copyright and all that... gotta keep it safe.


Sorry guys no screenshots cause apparently the nexus doesn't like them...


For development videos & module progress see this for more: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVBqKiXhOZkPT7G4NHtAFGFJWIATHmy2V


Reply and tell me what you think!

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The goal and aim of the mod: The goal and aim is to bring back the feel of the glory days of the rpg's of old such as eye of the beholder, betrayal at krondor, diablo 1, dungeon master, and many many other that have touched our hearts over the years...




- Minor revisions to the gates of ambercrest map. YOU CAN NOW ENTER THE TOWN!


- Major conversation updates.


Future Updates!


- Many changes to areas in the cathedral that had been already been built.


- New puzzles to solve in the many dungeons you will find...


- New cities and towns outside the main one to further the story...


- An all new teleportation system similar to the ones used in diablo 2 but much different... (Via new buildings called Cloak Towers)


- A new area in between the cathedral and the town called "Battle Scar Pass".


DON'T PANIC! I already came up with these ideas before I announced the mod. I just wanted to wait for the right time to announce them... as to surprise everyone. I'LL GET ALL OF THIS DONE! THEN AND ONLY THEN WILL I MAKE CHANGES OR UPDATES OR CONTENT ADDITIONS TO THIS MODULE!


Rushing things has been the folly of many a developer. Taking too long though can be also so I'll be nice and steady with my updates.

As I said, don't panic. I'm not going to rush this. I'm going to take my time with this to make sure EVERYTHING works RIGHT!


See ya for now...

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Update: 7/26/2018


- Major fixes to dialogue typos and dialogue trees. 75% Complete

- Shop services are now available! 100% Complete

- The main town has been revamped to include an upper quarter, two dungeons, and a large path way. 25% Complete

- The module now has its own fully working companion. AND YOU DON'T NEED TO PAY FOR HIM! Psst! Once I release the demo! You can find him by going left from the start. He will find you...

- The game now has guards and guard patrols. You can now see them patrolling the area! 40% Complete

- The demo version is about 68% complete and will contain the prologue, the main town, and 2 dungeons to explore in the town.


More Updates will come soon! See you soon!

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