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The Witcher On Netflix Gone Bad


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have they confirmed that it is indeed their decision? because last I heard they weren't commenting about this , as the casting wasn't decided yet

but the news I heard are a few days old now , so this could have changed


but if this is indeed the case , I'm probably going to skip the show just like you (and many others) will do

the sheer disrespect towards the origin story , as well as it's sources of inspiration (eastern European folklore in this case) just for the sake of fake diversity is a sure fire way to ruin such things (just look back at KCD and the claims for it being racist for not having characters of color)

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I don't have a problem with minorities in things like this but I wish they'd create a new character and not hijack an existing one to virtue signal with, it's disrespectful to the source material. They did the same thing with Sulu and when they ignored George Takei's protests they proved that they don't really care about this sort of thing, all they're interested in is showing how progressive they are. I can see this going the way of Star Wars, Ghostbusters, BF 5 and everything else SJW's have got thier hands on, get woke go broke.

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