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Exactly. Please don't do paid mods. It's not a mod anymore if we pay for it, then it's DLC. Just join a dev team and make a game! And thank you Nexus for having these interviews with the modders. It's always nice for a modder to have some recognition!
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I'm a modder who modify things complex. Sometimes fix simple bugs, most of time modify others' mods for what I think the contents should be.

Because I think getting permissions from all of the authors for uploading is annoying, I usually only modify things for myself.


Most of my skills about modding is about CK, BSA browser, SSEEdit, and a bit Nifskope, which actually don't need to build models.

The time I have spent on modding Skyrim is far more than playing Skyrim, so I actually don't understand much about the branch quests in Skyrim.


I think the most important thing in gaming is "fun". Gaming shouldn't look like you are working drivenly or doing something effort(actually I think being completely free is the most important thing in my life). That is why I modify Skyrim, if I still feel fun. Another similar thing is Minecraft which became popular at a time close to Skyrim's released time. But I actually like detailed meshes and textures more, so I play Skyrim more.

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