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Attractive Attire - zzjay


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I have actually tried several of ZZJay's armors and I found them the "just what I was looking for mods" they gave my female Dragonborn just what she wanted and needed. Myself I like to Smith almost everything I wear in skyrim. I am quite sure Nexus and our games would never be the same or as much fun without ZZJay's mods, thanks you are one of the best.
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I love zzjay's mods and I can't play without some of them. In fact, I like to use so many of the forge-able ones that my forged item list is too long. I actually need a mod that will allow me to remove some of the vanilla items that I will never make. I will probably end up learning to mod myself just to make that mod. Edited by pndragon65
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i am late ... i am every game late... but for a thank you zzjay is never too late

ZZJAY's Mod make me always come back to Skyrim..

thank you so much for your good and easy working Mods

Happy Christmas, a lot of health and a happy New Year 2019

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