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Unity Console for PoE2 - 3.0 bugs

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You could try dragging the game exe over IPA.exe again, or, as a last resort, uninstall completely and reinstall (using the fix instead of the original files). And if you have any other mods installed, try disabling or removing them one at a time to see if there's a conflict.


Keep in mind that there are console commands which can do a limited number of the things the mod does. At the expense of disabling achievements, yes, but at least you'll be able to play the game.

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The console mod is working fine for me even after the 5.0 update just a fyi.


Just to clarify,

I downloaded main file and second file.

Overwritten the main file with second file.

Installed into directory.

Downloaded this lifesaver pillars.py file from here (mod only works with this threads file)

Overwritten old pillars.py with this one

Dragged game exe on IPA exe

Started game, menu is up, loaded game

Changed companion classes, changed base stats, skills, removed old class abilities, etc. works fine.


(If you have performance issues, just load up mod and do your edits, save and exit, then hold LeftALT as you drag the original game.exe over IPA to uninstall the console and load up your game with edits saved. Just use the console when you want to make edits then disable, then re-enable when you get a new companion, and repeat process.)

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I know this is a long, long shot, but...


Is there any chance you can figure out some way to make the Unity Console mod compatible with the More Companions mod's various versions: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/288?tab=bugs


Or, failing that, add similar functionality to the Unity Console mod, or even, dare I say, make a mod which allows for more companions and Unity Console to work together?

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