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For the records - ElminsterAU


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I am in awe of Elm. Not only is he one of the coding wizards who can even start to understand how to create a useful tool as xEdit,

But he is VERY active in helping people. Even with stupid questions like I have been guilty for!


Cool interview and interesting to get to know the "mod-god" behind xEdit.

I think us who where kids in the 80ies and had C64, are a class by itself.


But Elm....Atari? Pfff. Amiga 500 beats you!


Dungeon Master is of the my own main ports to RPG! Along with Wasteland and Phantasy 3.


Respect to you ElministerAU!


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In response to post #66763661.

dukeman wrote: Interesting interview! He likes commodore 64 games! I like this guy.

Thanks for xEdit! It is masterful tool.

Load "World games" ,8 ,1
(Big arse floppy disk loading)
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These are always a good read, but I just wanted to chime in here especially, and say thank you. xEdit, in its various forms, has been an incredibly vital part of playing and modding for me for years now. I can't imagine working through any of these games without it.
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Interesting story and a great read. Having such an impact on a whole community of people must feel pretty good. I wouldn't be in school learning about various computer systems if I hadn't discovered bethesda modding, and thanks to the work of guys like Elminster. thank you for everything you do.
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