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Mod Request! 'Limit Breaker' Unlimited Capacities


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  • 7 months later...

I would like the ammo vest to carry much more ammo, the reinforced helmet to remain in inventory, not sure why you can't have the upgraded mask remain in inventory., and add the armored glass to the performance gas mask. For some reason I get compasses, metal detectors etc. that disappear from inventory when I take them off.


This is my own personal game and sandbox, how I or we mod our personal property, is what made franchises like Fallout and Mass Effect so popular until they fell to Political Correctness, and then MMOG, undermining our right to enjoy our long anticipated top dollar game, because our choices could affect the game experience of other players whom we were lied to about.


I would like to be able to acquire a gauss rail gun like Col. Miller's early in the game, as in Volga.


I would like to free a baby demon held by bandits and have it occasionally land nearby and walk up to me, land on bandits I have shot to feed, sometimes land on and ride on my shoulder when other demons are around, so they land and look me over while I do the same for them. Grow and mature as the months go by, be accepted by the crew. Have a small flock of demons flying high overhead, perched on branches, or ruins, waiting for me to kill something I won't eat.


I hope there are modders capable of such mods, are watching this game as people like us are driven from other franchises by sell out studios who want to monetize skins and pay to win for MMOGs. It may be a long time before we get another game like Metro Exodus I can look forward to.


For the foreseeable future I will wait a few months and check the YouTube reviews before I before i invest anticipation or money in buying a new release, no matter how long and loyal a supporter and fan of the franchise I have been in the past.

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