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[Morrowind] Saint Jib the Cliff Racer Slayer


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As I was playing through Skyrim, I ventured into the Soul Carin. There I met Jib. Apparently after he was released from the boat, he spent his life hunting cliff racers, and eventually killed every last one.


Perhaps someone should make a Mod for Morrowind that has him traveling around killing cliff racers and ONLY cliff racers (fleeing from everything else).


Of course he has to be essential for the timeline.


Perhaps he could be equipped with gear suitable for the Cliff Racer Slayer.

Constant Effects: Levitation, Feather Fall, Water Walking, Restore Fatigue, Restore Health, Resist Blight Disease, Resist Common Disease, Detect Animal, Night Eye



Imagine seeing him run across the sky, shooting down cliff racers.

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