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More detailed in game log?


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I have played a handful of these real time with pause and games over the years; neverwinter nights 1 and 2, kotor 1 and 2, pillars of eternity...


So I am back to NWN2 and I am surprised with the lack of info in the combat log. Is there really no way to see monsters' saves, damage reduction, and stuff like that? I mean, I know the stat block of a monster is a little hidden, but could I at least get some info by probing it? Like see if it's immune to sleep or has a really high fortitude save?


Is there an option toggle I've missed or are there any mods for expanding a bit on the log's level of detail?

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Right-click, then "Examine" will display some info. But not as detailed as you'd like. And while fighting, there's also some details about the saves, etc...

On the other hand, the monsters won't tell you what is the most effective against them!

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