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Le Roy, c’est Moi! - The King, it’s Me! (unofficial DLC)


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I Am the King!

By Arkanikorde



What is "I am the King!" ?

"I am the King!" is a large-scale mod which is currently developped for Skyrim. It takes place in a new worldspace, simply named "New High Rock". This region doesn't exist in the lore, yet all of its aspects are lore-friendly (no conflict whatsoever with the TES background).

A cirque between Markarth and Jehenna, the region is ruled by various noble families forming feodal counties. An enormous effort has been made regarding the background: as a French team, we have tried to reproduce the French/Anglo-Saxon medieval society (of which Bretons draw their inspiration). For example, hierarchy and nobility laws have been punctiliously respected.

New High Rock background:

New High Rock was founded by Grégoire de Sistre at the end of the Second Era, after he fled the war that made Talos create the first Empire. He settled in a uninhabited and dangerous region he pacified and named New High Rock. His subjects settled all around and founded three counties : Sintavoise, near the Athel-Loren lake, in the southern forests ; Penthiver, in the western prairies and Lestre on the northern coast. This secluded region avoided Imperial dominance for more than two centuries and became a small, yet powerful kingdom. The crown would move to the hand of the Montroise family when the Empire decided to annex New High Rock following the siege of Alesbourg city.

The de Sistre secretly sworn to take back the crown and set up a spy network named the Whisperers in order to favour their schemes.
The Montroise family would rule this country until the Oblivion Crisis, when the de Sistre rook advantage of the Empire's weakness to take the crown back until this day. It is worth to note that the Order of the Lily was created.
Being in conflict with the Empire again, the current King, Vortigern the Iron King, has taken sides with the Stormcloaks of Skyrim.


One of our teammates is a Middle Age specialist (aka "medievalist"), which garantees that this mod will be totally plausible regarding weapons, clothing but especially armours.






What's this mod's goal?


As the title says, the player's ultimate goal is to becom King of New High Rock. However, there will be numerous ways to achieve this: will you seize power as a noble? A soldier? A priest? An assassin? At the end of the day, there will be seven different ways to do it!! Needless to say that optional quests will also be present, and that all will be based on a choices-and-consequences template.


Will dialogs be dubbed?


We intend to dub all quest dialogs and we hope we won't use any vanilla voice.


Will there be DLC requirements?


As for now, only Dawnguard will be required. Dragonborn is also examined in order to know if it will be required as well.


When will the project be finished?


Given the work we still have to do and the team that grows in size week after week, we cannot give an accurate deadline. Let's just say you will have to be patient.


How big is the team?


Our team is composed of around twenty people, and is looking for modders for enhance the mod the best way possible.


How big will the new region be?


New High Rock will be about half as big as Skyrim (the scale used to represent New High Rock's worldmap is different from the one used in Skyrim).


Where will the mod be available?


The mod will be first available on two French websites, then on Nexus.


How long has it been since the project started?


Arkanikorde began conception alone before the Creation Kit was released and then attracted other modders for this large-scale project, which should have been a mere small hold in the middle of Skyrim.





This mod requires Dawnguard


We're looking for some LevelDesigners and some recruiters

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Looks great! Can't wait to try it out. The chapel looks especially beautiful.


One question though...


J'ai pensé que le mot "roi", c'est ecrit avec un "i"? :teehee:

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In old French king wrote "roy".


Gotcha, thank you. I'm afraid I never studied medieval French literature!


@arkanikorde: What stage of development is the mod at? It looks like you have a lot of the cells built and furnished; have you begun working on the quests and dialogue yet?

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for the construcion of the castle was made more than haft has been almost finished the outside of the castle and 2 villages We're waiting a heightmapper to the world space and trace it all over.






the map is defined and quests as well as the history of the region are writing in court

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It would be a shame if you have already got a height mapper by now as I have only just got back on this account because I am on my new account GMGmods. It would be great to do this but if it is already done I will be glad to help out by making houses, cluttering and even making new weapons but not texturing them as I can not do this. Just to be clear what does a height mapper mean because I am not that sure what it means. Anyway if you get the message please send me a message to my new account.


Here is a link to a mod on my new account so you can get to my account and message me.



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