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The Witcher 2 E3 2010 Edition

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EDIT: Because of heavy change's on the mod project and restructuring of basic ideas and concepts (and some poor decisions in the beginning). I decided that this thread will be renamed when things are on a more finalized way.


Reasons: 1st the start of this project was rushed and to early in development to present something and then it changed so heavily that it became something completely different. While it started with the idea to have the same aesthetics like the E3 promo the changes and enhancements brought such difference that it alienated from this goal.


(This doesn't mean that the old geralt model is abandoned. It will stay true to the concept but will look better because of enhanced model and textures. What will be different? That is better to say with something to show and i won't spoiler it now. One thing that will be definitely changed are the eyes for example, because they are not confirm with lore, they look to much like normal eyes that were painted yellow instead of cat eyes.)


For example lighting and visuals are now on a really different level than it was planned and the whole atmosphere is nothing like what you saw on the images. Characters like Letho and Iorweth look now totally fantastic in the ambient with 4k textures. Right now i working on a new hemissphere for the night sky.


As a kid i was often in theatre were we looked at old fairy tales with witches and what not and there was a scene were the witch was in the woods by night time. So she had this kettle on fire that was illuminating the sorroundings. The sky had a reddish almost black color scheme like in winter time but not so bright it had a really grimmi feel to it. (Like in tales of the brother's grimm some could say)


That is the atmosphere and look i want to capture in for the project.


2nd reason: In the midway of planning things i realized i want some of the characters not look like the books counterparts but more natural triss's hair color as example or clothing of some common folk. There is a lot of red color in the witcher games i will not completely get rid of it but some of it will go (Things like Banner or Redanian guardsman clothing will stay the same of course!).

3rd reason: After working a while on the modification i came to the conclusion that it is possible that some scripts or code may have to be rewritten for the future plans of this project. It could be that something has to be rewritten or changed from scratch. I realized that it would be better to seperate everything and combine all together in the finalization process.


In short everything now has it's own corner were i can work on it. If now something is blowing up it does it without taking something else with it. Als0 progress is now faster because everything has a organized structure and plan to it.


Thats all for now. Right now i working on some footage and presentation material for this site and for the nexus mod page. later this day i will upload some of it but for now good by and have fun.,


~Andrew ~

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