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How to create a new encryption_key and key and text ids for your mod? Tool?

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How do mod creators create new en0.w2strings encryption_key and key and text ids for mods? Tool?





New string key example

<strings version="201" encryption_key="0000000000">

New key and text examples
<key id="custommodname">000000</key>
<text id="000000">Custom Mod Name</text>




I'd like to do that myself but I do not know how.

I've extracted a copy of the original en0.w2strings file to edit/create a new modded one.

I'd like to add my own custom id numbers to a custom .w2strings file but I do not know the correct way (the instructions) to create the new encryption_key, item key and text ids.

Thanks in advance


P.S. I've asked a mod creator this same question, slightly a different way, but I've not received any response. I thought I'd ask for more help here. If I'm taught how to accomplish this, I'll add what I've learned to the other post so more people will learn this skill as well.

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Hi Divius666,


No, I did not learn how to do what I asked in my first post. Sorry.


Also, I do not have any Witcher games installed, so I'm not "mentally tune-in" to what I was wanting to achieve back in October 2019. :)


Good luck

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