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Project Spotlight: Daggerfall Unity


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I'm kind of in love with Daggerfall Unity. I still wish somebody would mod 3d models in to it, however. Heresy, I know, but I'm spoiled :P


You know, due to the spotlight you did on the author of Lucien, I think you guys should have one of your staff or maybe just get Gopher (if he has time) to do these as a monthly podcast when the spotlighted person or team is willing. A monthly video podcast, I think, would be a great way to keep the community informed and increase the Nexus' visibility.

Pretty sure it would be popular, especially if restricted to a monthly schedule allowing for actual interesting subjects rather than a weekly grind like many similar podcasts.

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As a long time fan that Loved Daggerfall and have been waiting for this since I first heard about the project so many years ago, I was Very excited & nervous it wasn't ever going to be completed...Like so many ambitious projects for beloved older games in TES series. But Here we are... Interkarma & the rest of the team actually pulled it off! Not only did they do such an amazing job at recreating the original but they actually took the next step and made it Even more Amazing by improving on so many areas and allowing for a visual upgrade & modding options that will continue to add more amazing touches to an Awesome game even for those new to the game!


I'm loving it so much & would definitely want to give a shout out to everyone who made this project happen to my most favorite game of all time! You guys are Amazingly Awesome!!! Much love & appreciation to you all!!!


Interkarma - Lead developer

Lypyl - Core Developer

Nystul - Core Developer

TheLacus - Core Developer

InconsolableCellist - Core Developer

Allofich/R.D. - Core Developer

Hazelnut - Core Developer

Numidium - Core Developer

Meteoric Dragon - Core Developer

Petchema/Pango - Core Developer

Jay_H - Core Developer

Ferital - Core Developer

JorisVanEijden - Core Developer


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A new fan here. Started with skyrim and love this game. I was able to get out of the dungeon and am in a town tavern. Talk about HUGE and how amazing this game is. Just wow. How was this even pulled off? Amazing. Bravo people. I am looking all the time for updates and improvements. Thank you so much for this game. Free too... A blessing to have such a gift.
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In response to post #74727003. #74730663, #74732413 are all replies on the same post.

Outlawhurdle wrote: Character models need work.

and there's tiddies in the first 15s of the video, that's the real reason it's here - nexus knows its client base
audixas wrote: This comment really shows how you know nothing about Daggerfall.
DtheHun wrote: There are no models. Those are 2D sprites, faithful to Daggerfall.

The video isn't a full demonstration of all mods, there is a HD npc sprite mod.
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