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Importing character meshes into Skyrim


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Hey all,


I've been trying to import some models into Skyrim these last days, but I've met a wall and I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it, if it at all is possible.


So from what I've learned, the thing that makes it complicated is that it is a character model. I want to make it into an NPC. It's a model from another game, so I think it already has its own skeleton. Does this pose any problems? Is it at all possible to import the entire mesh, or do I have to split it up into smaller parts?


I guess my question is, is it at all possible to do? If so, I would love some help from anyone who actually knows what they're doing, in comparison to me. I've added some pictures of the model, and what I think is its skeleton.




If anyone needs more information or pictures so that they potentially could help me, just ask and I'll try to give you what you need!


Have a great day, thanks for reading!

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Hey there,

If you're trying to create a new humanoid NPC, it is best to adjust the rig to fit the existing game rig (by renaming bones) or to rerig the mesh entirely. This way existing animations would be able to work with it, though compatibility is largely dependent on similar shape.

After that it a process of exporting the rerigged reskinned meshes for the head as HeadParts, and skin/clothing as ArmorAddons for them to be usable for the NPC. Exporting can be done with niftools created for either 3ds max (officially created workflow) or maya/blender, more can be found about this on the internet.

Only recently have I been able to dabble into this topic in fallout 4 with limited success, by no means do I have much experience with this as I'm still learning about it, I'm just trying to add additional input.

Best of luck!

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