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Hi everyone,


I'm still working on the mod I was working on when Dubious helped me last time (Hi there Dub if you read this and recall me !) and this time, I need help for the visual effect that occurs when a drug effect wears off.

In fact, I'm searching since many hours now how to delete it, or at least render it less "sight blocking" because when a drug wears off when you are being rifled by many guys, and you see nothing but a white foggy curtain, it's difficult (my mod is an hardcore combat enhancement mod).

So I found some topics on Reddit linking to a video on Youtube, but if it explains how to modified things, nothing explains what I should search for. Is this effect done by ImageSpace Modifier ? Is it some other Item effect ? A Base effect ? What is it called anyways ?

I have searched for "drug" "wearoff" or other key words in the categories I suspected to be the right ones in the game files for clues, but nothing showed up to be the thing I need to find. I'm so blocked right now I resolved to post on the forums because it's driving me crazy (and I'm already enough I don't need to be crazier !).


I don't want to wait for Mentats to wear off after a lockpicking/hacking event just to be sure it won't f**k me up if I ever have to fight against mercenaries, ghouls, or big and fast running monsters in some dark tunnels (I have AWoP also so underground exploration is a big part of my test playthroughs).

Maybe I'm just an idiot and it's like super easy, but I can't reach it or maybe it's hardcoded. I do not understand where to find this.


Thanks to anybody who could direct me in the right... direction. Sorry for eye killing grammar if there are any mistakes left after reviewing.


EDIT Solution thanks to Radioactivelad : It's an imageSpace Modifier, the first one on list, I edited it at the end of the window "duration" from 6 to 1 second, for me is enough.

Also putting a mod which does this, duration = 2 seconds https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/39189 from MystykStar, link provided by GamerRick, thank you my dude.

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It is an imagespace modifier.


It's called Addiction01ISFX and is the first item in the list.


Jesus dude ... lady, thank you so much, you saved my mental health points. I believed this one was the red shade when you fall addict to a drug... actually I'm an idiot. Should've verified this instead of whining.


Check out this mod: Shorter Chem Wear-off Effects


This is how I figured out how to deal with it.

You too man, how this mod didn't come up in search engines when using "wear-off" "effects" as key words ?


You both saved my day. Thanks again for your helping hands, cheers.

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