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The Oregon Trail?


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I'm finding a game that I played in my elementary school computer classroom.


I tried to find it and it is similar to the classic game, The Oregon Trail


but I'm sure it wasn't that.



I can't remember the title of my game..


What I come up with my mind is that the game was little bit educational.


Players just need to control the wagon and have to survive in the period of western expenses.


The last part of game was the wagon changes to ship and we rode that wagon ship


to ride the flood river to reach the final destination.




Anyone know this game? Please help me.


I googled it alot but failed.



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What was the approximate year? What type of computer did it run on? Were the graphics in color, or do you remember anything else about how it looked or what buttons it had in the interface? There were multiple editions of Oregon Trail: Oregon Trail 4th Edition has video clips of actors, and some rudimentary 3d graphics when you pick "take a day to caulk and float the wagon" at a river crossing. I found a video on youtube of someone picking that in their playthrough (edit: the timestamp in this video is just after 12:00 where they decide to caulk and float the wagon. My link has the timestamp included but the forum converted it to an embedded video without the timestamp):


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