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Feedback for a Zelda themed sound mod

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So I've been using the Dark Souls Sound Inserter to swap music and sound effects from Zelda games (Primarily OoT and BotW), to use alongside Zullie the Witch's awesome Link mod. After a few hours, pretty music everything I have done can be seen in the opening Undead Asylum sequence, which you can see here:




I'm posting this video here to get feedback on if it sounds good, and see if there's even interest to finish/release this mod at all. There's a few problems in terms of making a full mod release, such as:


1) It's very time consuming and tedious. Like I said, everything I have done can be seen in the video above, and it took a few hours just for that. Between DSSI crashing, and the fact very few of the sound files have labels, I basically have to look through each fsb and listen to every audio file within in order to know what's what. Furthermore, I'd need to make sure songs loop properly, and in rare cases pitch shifted (For some weird reason, Firelink Shrine, the new zone/bonefire lit sfx, and others play slower ingame than the raw file, meaning I need to tweak the new sounds so they sound right. Very frustrating!)


2) Nintendo's history with mods, especially ones like this that use their music. It'd be annoying to finish this mod only to see it DMCA'd into oblivion.


3) As mentioned, I wanted to make this mod to use alongside Zullie the Witch's Twilight Princess Link mod. But given how sound files are stored in DSR, I pretty much had to work off their modded fsb if I wanted to keep the Link voices alongside any changes I'd make. Which in itself leads to two problems; I'd have to make two versions of the main fsb with and without the Link voices, and get in touch with Zullie to see if they're cool with me redistributing their mod.


At any rate, I'm happy with what I've got already. And I'll keep chipping at it if the interest is there. I'm also open to suggestions on what sounds/music to use where.

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