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Stranger things add forcing me to watch it.


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I reported this on Github and was told by a Mod (Mike) to post it here, so here goes:


-Macbook pro, using Safari 11.1.2

-Anti virus: AVG, non-premium, all shields on (Virus scan turned up clean).

-First time this started happening: March 31 around 2PM

-URL of affected page: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/42169

I tried with many other pages including this one: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/101115

As far as I can tell all pages with the add are affected.

-Location: West Virginia, Randolph county.

-Description: This add normally pops up in the bottom right until you close it, then it remains at the bottom of the page. Within a few minutes of closing it, the page will randomly start to jump to the bottom where the add is playing. This usually happens while scrolling when you release your finger, or after 1 minute of no user input. This only seems to happen while the add is playing, I haven't been able to replicate it after. This will happen multiple times while the add is playing.

Not sure if this is happening with other adds, I have only been getting the Stranger Things Game add.

-Pictures of add included (Excuse the terrible image, I was told that an image really helps, but my Retina Displays' high definition forces me to make a super small screenshot to fit the 250kb file size limit).


Edit: just realized there is another add at the bottom of the page that could also be the cause of this instead of the stranger things one. There is no way of me knowing which is causing it but I will add the image. Hopefully the moderators can figure out whats going on, it's starting to get really annoying.

I have moved images to Imgur with a link. file size is far too small here to show the images properly.


Link: https://imgur.com/gallery/8dbb7Pr

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