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How to make your mods Vortex compatible


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Hey everyone,


Thanks for sharing your awesome mods on our site!


I've been going through and speaking with authors as new mods are being uploaded to inform them of some minor changes they need to make to their mod archives to make them compatible with Vortex. Instead of writing it out every time I figured it would be more sensible to write a post on the forums that I can direct new modders to. So here it is!


Vortex currently can detect mods in two different ways:





Submodules are detected automatically, they are characterised by mods that are intended to be self contained in the "Modules" folder and include a Submodule.xml file. Vortex grabs the entire folder containing the Submodule.xml and places it into the "Modules" folder of the game.


Don't forget to enable these mods in the launcher when starting the game!



XML Edits and other Mods


Any other type of mod currently requires you to simply pack it relative to the game base folder. For example, if I have the file "BannerEditor.xml" which needs to go into the "Modules\Native\GUI\Prefabs\Bannereditor" folder, I'll need to add those folders above my file in the archive that I upload.


This will allow anything including XML edits, video/sound edits and Reshade presets to be installed correctly and consistently.



Hope this helps! If you have any feedback or suggestions for Vortex I'd love to hear them.

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can we do it all at once: module & xml files added or do we have to make two packages?


I want to publish a mod wich requires an added xml file in a different forlder




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