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Problem with Genji Leon mod


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Hello everyone,


I have recently installed Fluffy Manager 5000 and I wanted to try some mods I found. Among others, I found Leon's Genji mod which looks really cool:

(The download link is available on this page)



I downloaded the file and followed every step in order to integrate it properly in the modmanager but when I launch the game, the modifications are not applied. I followed the indications given bu FluffyQuack in case of a problem, but still, the texture mod is not applied.

So I tried to download a mod directly from the modmanager - I chose Dante's mod - and this time when I launch the game, the mod worked. This indicates that there is a problem with the way Genji's mod is built up. However, I compared both RAR files of Dante's and Genji's mods and their respective structure are quite similar.


So right now, I am quite stuck on this issue. If anyone has an idea to solve this problem, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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