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Player blood causing CTD?


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A bit ago I was having some CTD issues that I fixed (PSA don't download monster mod if you don't know what you are doing). Either way, now I seem to be crashing whenever hit by an arrow or sword. I checked the crash log and the relevant objects are the same each time.Possible relevant objects (7)


[ 1] BSBloodSplatterShaderProperty(Name: null)

[ 30] BSTriShape(Name: null)

[ 60] NiCamera(Name: `WorldRoot Camera`)

[ 110] NiCamera(Name: null)

[ 122] ShadowSceneNode(Name: `shadow scene node`)

[ 123] NiNode(Name: null)

[ 127] BSMultiBoundNode(Name: null)

(full file of latest crash attached)

}I did some testing and figured out that any NON shielded hit from an arrow or sword causes the crash. Getting hit by magic or dying from fall damage (and likewise from shielded damage) does not crash. None of my mods seem to affect blood so I'm pretty stumped

Modlist: https://modwat.ch/u/augh

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Hey. Same problem, same relevant objects list and just installed sacrosanct, but couldn't imagine it was the cause since it's so popular and my PC isn't a vampire.

When you say you "disabled its graphic changes in wyre bash" do you mean you didn't included them in the bashed patch?

Thanks anyway to have taken the time to post the solution that worked for you, it's really cool of you.

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