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Is there a way to fix broken werewolf in VR?


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I decided to play through the Companion quests and I finally got to the Underforge to be turned into a werewolf. Once in werewolf form, I only am able to move my right arm. Moving the controller in my left hand does nothing. At first I thought the problem was with the Moonlight Tales mod I am using but I disabled it and tried again and still had the same problem. The only two werewolf mods I use are Moonlight Tales and the mod to add female werewolf models.


Any suggestions? Anyone know of a fix? Anyone playing in VR who doesn't have problems being a werewolf?

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Do you mean the Werewolf VR Body Fix mod:

There's one for the Vampire Lord Body VR Fix too:

These both take up a plugin spot in vr so I merged them with some other simple mods in zMerge (part of zEdit utility) as I rarely use them and every plugin counts to the plugin limit in vr (doesn't matter if it's flagged as an ESL or not in vr):
Here is a video guide on zMerge:
If you need help with zMerge there is a Discord server for it: https://discord.gg/wK5rP5a5

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