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I want to make a mod, but don't know where to start


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I don't plan on doing anything elaborate, I just want to be able to customize enemy placement and item placement. My plan is to make a sort of "scholar of the first sin" remix for Dark Souls, so I don't need to mess around with anything advanced. What tools am I supposed to use to be able to mod the game? Is PTDE or Remastered easier to mod? I'm very new to this, so any help would be appreciated.

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Use the Yapped Honey Bear Edition (https://github.com/vawser/Yapped-Honey-Bear) to do things like edit item stats, add effects to items, edit ring effects, edit loot pools, change softcaps and a ton more things. Honey Bear Edition is better because it supports DS1, DS1R, DS2 and Sekiro + it comes with a better name/layout import. All the names might be confusing so in yapped click on edit (top left) and then import names, click no to replace existing names and whammo. I've only ever used it to edit weapons, add effects to items and right now im trying to remove soft caps, so im no expert.


For editing the game world I think you use DSTools (https://github.com/katalash/dstools/releases/tag/v0.2.0a5) which also needs Unity to run. I've never tried editing the game world so I cant really give any advice, but I hope you have fun with the modding man! Have a good one.


Extra info on the layout:


- CalcCorrectGraph = soft and hard cap editing

- CharaInitParam = class editing [character make-up for selection x current provisional setting] {class name} are what you want to edit.

- EquipParamWeapon/Accessory/Protector = item editing

- ItemLotParam = loot pool editing

- ReinforceParamWeapon = change what the infusions do


- Probably doesnt need to be said but dont go online while any files are edited

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