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Mod Upload Issues - 7th October 2020


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We are currently experiencing issues when new files are uploaded to the site where they do not become available to download. Our team are aware of the issue and are working on a solution. Please track this thread for updates.


What is happening?

For reasons we are yet to determine, all files uploaded after approximately 10pm (GMT+1) on 7th October 2020 may become stuck in the state shown above. The file is uploaded and scanned but is not made available to download.

How long will it take to fix it?

As the problem arose very late in the day we will be unable to fully investigate the issue until the morning of 8th October 2020. We hope to be able to give a better estimate during the day.

Should I reupload my mod file?

No. Your mod file will be made available automatically once this issue has been resolved. Uploading it again may simply push your file to the bottom of the queue of files to fix, so it's not recommended that your reupload it.

Thank you for your patience and we apologise for the inconvenience.



2020-10-08 09:48 (GMT+1) - The issue appears to have self-corrected overnight, we will be investigating what may have caused it in the first place.

2020-10-07 23:39 (GMT+1) - We are aware of the issue and will be investigating it as a priority.

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