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Ads violating terms of nexus mods


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the issue with sound on ads has returned and in full force as well. almost every single ad that has loaded onto a nexus page has begun playing itself at full volume and overriding the mute that is already applied to the ad space.


The new world of warcraft expansion is the first one of note that i can definitely confirm. however there are many many more exhibiting this same behavior. ii only use a couple browser add-ons like dark mode for opera. so i know that this is not the issue. i will update this post with more ads that are offending as i see them.


offending ads:

world of warcraft new expansion

project choice, i believe. video is about a kid that has a medical condition and cant have surgery.

Discount tire ad -yokohama small ad in the window with it for 20% off


the best way to find these ads ive noticed is that since the ad choice engine itself keeps rotating the videos each time they finish certain ones will start playing full volume. just leave a mod page open.

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