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Here's an Idea for the ultimate Force Unleashed upgrade.


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It would work so well having a overhaul regarding the characters:

I think these switches would be Ideal for a SWFU Overhaul mod or a KOTOR Overhaul ...




Darth Vader becomes: Darth Star Killer or keep as Vader

Cal Becomes: Galen Marek (clone)

Cere Junda becomes: Juno Eclipse


Greez Dritus becomes: Master Rham Kota

Jaro Tapal becomes: Darth Vader

Night-sister Merrin becomes: Maris Brood


Ninth Sister becomes: Darth Maul

Second Sister: Count Dooku

Taron Malicos: Darth Lord StarKiller (or another of of his versions of the clones)





Darth Vader becomes: Darth Malak or Darth Nihilius

Cal Becomes: Revan (masked/unmasked)

Cere Junda becomes: Bastila Shan


Greez Dritus becomes: HK-47

Jaro Tapal becomes: Master Kreia

Night-sister Merrin becomes: Visas Marr

Ninth Sister becomes:

Second Sister: Darth Sion

Taron Malicos: Darth Nihilus or Darth Malak

It's an idea but would be a great play through for both versions :) Thoughts?

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