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Volkihar as an owned Hearthfire compatible player home?


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Several modders have made Volkihar ready as a player home and also cleaned up the castle, but none have made a mod that allows you to move into it with you family (wife, children, stewart, housecarl, carriage).

I wonder why as the castle would be a unique home. It's large enough to create and stash whatever you want in there. It only needs a smelter, forge and a grindstone.

I tested all the mods existing. None allows you to own the place Hearthfire style.

I installed the Creation Kit, but that's way to complicated for me. I'm the kind of guy who merely succeeded in creating a character with the NPC Editor.

In connection with Heartfire there were some problems with your spouse not being able to move to Lakeview Manor. It had something to do with with the ID of this house and Breezehome, which obviously was the same. It got fixed somehow, and now it works fine. But it makes me believe that you have to add Volkihars ID to the list of posible player homes? I should think it would work as the castle is fairy navmeshed. You also have several entrance points.

Isn't it a shame that the castle is deserted after Harkon's death?
Valeria only uses her laboratory when she comes back from the Soul Cairn.

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