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Molag Bal - The Daedric Prince of Domination and Enslavement of Mortals


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There are lots of mods but I can't see anything about Molag Bal.

I want kick his ass!!!

Can someone make a mod a small dungeon with a quest line? I am not a programer but I think most of files (like voice files) can be coppied from Elder Scrolls Online.


There is a quest he offers you to be his champion

it could be linked to this quest or Downguard DLC (linked to Serana or Her mother. They have a common past if you want to learn/I want this quest line just because of this past)

Anyway, Also it is going to be funny to strart a badass hard dungeon against some Daadric Lords...

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Try Vigilant. It has a seperate, unofficial, english voiced addon you will want to download.

I havnt seen this one since now. Dug it just now and not look like an original one but acceptable one I liked that, will downlaod it and maybe one day I will make my own mod about Bal. thx dude

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