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Help with General Stores please :)


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Hello, I am not a modder. I do love the modding community for creating the mods that make my game much more immersive, expansive, beautiful and personalized.

While browsing Nexus I came across General Stores, Craftable Cloud Storage, Hearthfire Automated Storage, Dawnguard GS and General Displays .. I subsequently downloaded these mods hoping to use them in my game. I cannot seem to find any type of guide for actually using these mods tho, all I find are references to how modders can use them. I could not see anything that these mods may have added to my game altho I do not have a vanilla home .. could that be the cause? I am using downloaded homes. I did read that there should be "keys" or "markers" that I can add anywhere I like .. to drop this "key" wherever I want a storage container ... I cannot find these keys and/or markers tho. :wallbash:

My question is this: Is there an indepth users guide of some sort for script-stupid people like me or am I simply out of luck for using these great mods?

Thank you for your time and patience. :cool:


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