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Is there a way to disable the automatic follow cam in DSR?


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When you strafe left or right, the camera turns to keep your character centered. Ingame cameras turning without my input gives me crazy motion sickness, so I would like the camera to not turn and instead to move laterally with my character. (Note: I'm not talking about auto-wall recovery or auto lock-on, I already have both of those disabled to no avail.)

When I played DS3, the Cheat Engine table I used to fix the low FOV had an option to enable "Strafe Cam," which completely solved the issue. None of the FOV fix tables I've ben able to find for DSR, however, have that as an option. Is there any mod or CE table out there that does this? I loved DS3 and I really want to play DSR but this is a pretty big stumbling block.

Edit: Dark Souls Input Customizer seems to be EXACTLY what I'm looking for, but it's only for Prepare to Die and not the remaster, and I only own the remaster since PTDE can't be bought anymore.

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