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[WIP] The Black Marshes

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Welcome to


Black Marshes Banner
First Youtube Teaser
Second Youtube Teaser
The First Official Trailer
Black Marsh - The Official Soundtrack
Facebook page
Our Forums
NB:There's much more than the vids suggest. We just don't want to reveal everything too soon! Spoilers are not in our interests...btw, a new trailer should be on the way very shortly (Oct/Nov 2011).

This is our official announcement thread. It contains all relevant information about the Black Marsh mod since its rebirth this year. Please note that this project has a very long history that reaches back to the beginning of Oblivion modding and it shares its forums with the ‘Silgrad Tower’ and ‘Elsweyr’ teams. This year I took over the project and there have been some major developments but we are still looking for extra members to help support the project.

Here are some of the more recent posts that reveal some alternative (earlier) screenshots to the ones below: http://www.bethsoft....h...&p=15511276 &http://www.bethsoft....h...&p=15657801 .

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the links below are now outdated. Please refer to the more updated screenshots.

I: What is the Black Marsh Mod?
II: Who is behind the Black Marsh Mod?
III: What has already been created (inc. screenshots)?
IV: What has yet to be created?
V: How can I take part?

I: What is the Black Marsh Mod?

Making full use of SI, the Black Marsh mod adds the mysterious lands of Black Marsh, otherwise known as Argonia, one of the darkest and most dangerous regions of the fictional universe of Tamriel. Other lands from this fantasy world have been explored in detail, such as Morrowind and Cyrodiil, but the lands of the reptilian Argonians have remained shrouded in mystery...until now.

Our aim is to recreate a region which no player has explored in the Elder Scrolls series since Arena. The finished mod will include many new cities, new architecture, detailed new quests, and most importantly a large new marsh and jungle landscape, filled with deadly new enemies and dungeons.

This map was originally used on our old website at: http://theblackmarsh...ect.weebly.com/ but, as far as current development goes, it is best to look at these maps: Beta Region Map - http://i434.photobuc...aphicMap2-1.jpg & Beta Settlement Map - http://i434.photobuc...ttlementMap.jpg which is much more relevant to the aims of the current project as we push towards a fully playable beta release. What you see on this map is a rough approximation of the landmass that we intend to focus on during the beta phase. The area that has been circled will be the area that will be playable in the beta release.

This is where my own involvement comes in as I have decided to lead the project through this period. My decision to do so is based on a passion to see the Black Marshes come about and a practicality from having been involved in a lot of modding projects from all sorts of different games. In short, I know that most ambitious mods die out very quickly when it soon becomes apparent that the work required is just going to be too much. That is why the strategy for the beta release is simple: create five regions of fully-playable material that best exploits the skills of the team and meets with the standards that we all aspire to. I believe that this plan is both realistic and achievable. The question then for this project, is when and not if…?

II: Who is behind the Black Marsh Mod?

The Black Marsh mod was originally launched on the ‘Beyond Cyrodiil’ forums, a sub-section of the very long-standing ‘Silgrad Tower’ forums, a project which can be said to be our 'father project' in some ways. Its original founder was KuKulza who outlined many of the directives that we (mainly) still adhere to. Later team leaders included SwedishFish and Tlo1048 until I, Ibsen’s Ghost, took over the project just this year. Since then, we have modded two full new regions, added several major new settlements and added a vast amount of new items, to mention just a few things. In late 2011, we switched over to the Dark Creations forums.

Full bios of the team members will appear on the new website when it is launched. We also have a great many members who have previously worked on the mod and will be noted in the final release but, for the time being, the team is as follows:

Core Team

Leader - Ibsen's Ghost
Co-Leader – Deeza
Lead Modeller - Koniption
Other Core Members – DoZeNt (Denius - leader of Russian Argonia)

General Modding

Ibsen’s Ghost, Deeza, AndalayBay, DoZeNt, SilverAlchemist, t3h_pwn3r_ii, Mizreg, Shanasha, Asmar, AliTheLord & various others.


Koniption, morcroft, sHAdowgAme, Sachiel & llamaranger.


Koniption, Ibsen’s Ghost, Xae & InsanitySorrow.


Koniption, AndalayBay & XJDHDR.


Ibsen’s Ghost, t3h_pwn3r_ii, Deeza, DrMcCoy, AndalayBay & AliTheLord.




Ibsen’s Ghost (and all of my contacts wink.gif )

Concept Art

Kukulza (now left), _LPS & reaper

Special thanks go to the Silgrad Tower team for their support in the past, especially sandor who has helped immensely with the arduous task of generating our regions.

As things stand, we are still in need of help with general modding, quests and dungeons.

III: What has already been created (inc. screenshots)?

Black Marsh uses a fairly wide mix of out-of-house and in-house resources, some of which are already released as modders resources. For example, one of our main contributors is Koniption who has been instrumental in designing the landscape and in fashioning some of our most notable items such as the more hazardous flora. What follows is just a quick glance at what has been created so far:

Regions & Worldspaces: The BM Blackwood Region: contains new landscape items such as the monstera plant, Baobab tree and Sylvan mushrooms, besides others. Environmental effects to be added later.
Cypress Knees
Baobab Trees

The Naga-Cradle Jungle Region: contains palm trees, jungle trees, new roots models, exploding seedpods and a very wide selection of new flora from the beautiful Stargazer lily to the stinking Rafflesia plant (maggots included). Environmental effects to be added later.
Arnesian Mountains (just south of Morrowind)

The Rottmere Everglades Region: contains swamp rocks, swamp trees, the swamp rose, the mysterious ‘glowshrooms’ and many more unusual items of flora. Environmental effects to be added later.
Typical Swampland
A Dry Patch
A slight glimpse of one of the swamp settlements

The Parchlands Region: contains pineapple plants, cornplants, fossilised tree stumps, plenty of sand, coral (in the coastal reefs) and various other items of flora. Environmental effects to be added later.
The driest region in the marshes
Topal Bay
Turtleshell Hut

The Darkmoor Region: very thick woodland contains giant swamp trees, giant cypress trees, sandbox trees, various forms of heather and brush, animated nirnworms, lumberries and various other items of flora. Environmental effects to be added later.
Thick Woodland
Misty Moorland
Moorland Retreat (RockGrove)

The Sisiha Mangrove Region: contains plenty of unusual weeds and varieties of sorrel along with giant swamp trees and many, many mangroves to conceal mosquitoes and trap the unwary traveller along the southern coastal areas. Environmental effects to be added later.
Mangrove Approach
Stuck in the Mangroves
Reaching the Coast

The Talu Swamp Region: a very flat region in the Southern mainland of Argonia almost entirely covered in waist-high water; contains a great deal of bamboo along with real swamp cypresses, tupelo trees and varieties of pop ash together with the occasional washed-up seashell, bamboo plants, fatsia japonica shrubs, goldfinger banana plants and some 'angel trumpets'. Environmental effects to be added later.
Dense Bamboo Swamp
Rare stretch of land
Bewildering in the dark

The Murkwood Region: a densely wooded region taking up much of central Argonia and being largely responsible for the 'black' in 'Black Marsh'. A caldera takes up much of the Western section with many surprises found in its belly; it is both hilly and wet though not so much so as its surrounding regions; contains a great deal of wide-reaching Live Oak trees that obscure the sky along with crooked swamp pines and some of the most weird and poisonous flora in the province such as the large podtree and the Choke Flower besides more familiar (but more deadly than usual) plants such as stinging nettles. These shots are WiP from a few cells of the design preset.
Chokeflowers in the mist
Gnarled trunks hide secrets
Spot the Pod Tree

The Reaven Fenlands: a small bog to the East of Murkwood which is only in the initial stages of development as yet....
Entering a dead zone

The Hist Dimension (WiP): (also currently in development – no screenshots for this because I don’t want to give too much away about this crucial location).

Settlements: Gideon City: Gideon City is one of the areas where many of the darker storylines will take place and is the home of the Shadowscales. A carnival resides in the city along with other dubious and dangerous forms of trade.
A glimpse of the carnival
Entering the slums
A noted den of iniquity'

Stormhold City: now almost entirely completed with full interiors, Stormhold is a jungle city and an area where missionaries once attempted to convert the local populace to the Nine whilst under threat from the mountains bordering Morrowind in the North.
A central spot
Affluent region leading to missionary Cathedral
Municipal Garden
Stormhold Undercity & Bazaar

Rockguard Village: a Blackwood farming settlement and last Imperial bastion.
Entering the village
View of the Inn

Stonewastes Town: an Argonian fishing village close to the Everglades where Imperial power begins to wane considerably.
Town Centre
The Misty Hist Inn
Main thoroughfare
Glimpse of a fisherman's dwelling

Hixinoag: one of the friendlier Argonian townships dependent on a thriving mining, farming and fishing but vulnerable to raids.
South Entrance by land
North Entrance by boat

Glenbridge: an ill-fated little town whose residents had succumbed to superstition after suffering the rigours of Black Marsh's cruel climate - now reclaimed by the swamps.
Wrecked Building
A dry point

Rockgrove Town: a large lake-town for the more affluent Argonians and their guests.
Darkmoor Entrance
Route to Bay area and lighthouse
Nestled in Darkmoor

Chasepoint Town: a seedier port towards the southern end of the river network that acts as the gateway to Darkmoor from the dry Parchlands.
Western Gate to the Parchlands
Main thoroughfare

Soulrest City: a bustling naval port for access to the Black Marsh from Cyrodiil and Elsweyr.
Navigating the market
View from the upper class balconies
Botanical Gardens in the upper class district

Tenmar Wall Village: a lofty jungle retreat hides a darker secret as the town descends into caverns below (note that the snow on the exterior building will be changed to moss and that the caverns are Sachiel’s custom models).
Underground Centre
Rickety staircases in the rockface
Multi-level platforms

Pholmolo Village: a much more ‘ethnic’ Argonian jungle village populated by shamanic tribespeople which is renowned for its resistance to the slave trade and invading Dunmer.
Town Centre
Protected by cliffs
River Access through the Jungle

Moonmarch: possibly only accessible at the farthest reaches of the beta version, this is an old missionary's settlement that has since been taken over by Talu-swamp-dwelling Argonians and a few Marsh Cats. The missionaries of the Nine nonetheless left their mark.
Entering the town
Through a gully
The abandoned Chapel

Blackrose: the prison city of Blackrose that lies to the Eastern side of the Talu swamps will not be available in the beta version yet it represents some of our wettest and most 'ethnic' constructions, spawned from the now long-defunct prison originally created (and rapidly lost) by Imperial forces. These shots are just a glimpse.
Enter only via an elevated platform
Unusual constructions lie ahead
Shattered Forts make way for new homes

Dungeons: Mossy Ruins: claimed by the marshes and the Barsaebic Ayleids (or ‘Marsh Elves’), mossy ruins are much wetter and murkier than their Cyrodiil counterparts and contain a number of traps unknown to travellers within Cyrodiil.
A small Jungle Ruin
A narrow tunnel (spot the trap!)
Collapsed section leading to caves

Mossy Caves: as yet fairly under-developed, the mossy caves will be familiar to players of 'Lost Spires' as the Primeval Hollow. Mushrooms, underground streams and crevasses are commonplace.
A small Jungle Cave (spot the stone carving!)
A cavern
Foggy Section
Please note that the last two shots are taken from 'Lost Spires' and are meant to represent the final look.

Dead Rootworms: whilst live rootworms provide the only recourse to fast travel (inside their bellies) many of the rootworms are being murdered, leaving slow-rotting empty bellies open to invasion by parasitic critters (the flora includes festering boils and virulent polyps).
Intestinal Tract
Bile Duct
Signs of Disease & Decay

Hist Shrines and more recent Dungeon Shots: featuring some glimpses of completed dungeons created by the team, including the much-awaited Hist Shrines that remain a WiP at the time of writing.
Off-track in HixinoagMine
Having broken through the webs of Tangleweave Caverns
The moss-strewn entrance of Wrothwyll Fen
Lair of the Were-Crocs in Wrothwyll Fen
Bogtoads lurking in soaked, mossy caverns
In Murkwood, your passage is watched
Mulum is home to streams of toxic Hist sap...and strange lizards
The entrance to Ixtuthapan lies high in the Northern jungle-mountains
This Hist Shrine is sacred, but hostile to outsiders
Threatening tunnels enshrine Argonia's many treasures

Special Features: These shots are newer ones than those below and are intended as updates that will help to hint at the final overall impression of the mod.
Demonstration of Swamp water (this will eventually be applied to the whole worldspace)
Landscape Feature (this is one of the landscape features I'm adding to the landscapes to make them more interesting; this one is a lagoon set inside the Everglades swamp)
The Naga race (please excuse the overly bight ground texture - this is one of the new races added to the mod; we've already added these, the Sload, various Argonian breeds, marsh cats and lilmothiit but will eventually bring in the amphibious Paatru and the flying Sarpa)
Creatures: We now have a full list of around 30-40 new creatures added with variations of the models already added. Here is a glimpse at some of them:
Creature: the Bogtoad (please excuse the graphic glitch; a potential threat in swampy areas)
Creature: Durzog (dog-like invaders from the Morrowind border)
Creature: Argonian Zombie (bog-standard sword-fodder in various dungeons but with a special role to play in BM)
Creature: Infected Mosquitoes (crucial to gameplay in some areas; spreads a variety of diseases)

Armour, Weapons & Clutter: making use of Argonian blades and weapons, voodoo items, new areas of Hist worship (with shrines still to come), full bamboo furniture set, rootware and resinware house clutter to mention but a few, the Black Marshes are now looking very much in tune with Argonian culture. Including out-of-house resources, there is far too much here to produce sufficient screenshots for so here is a small selection. Many items should are as yet unused or are too small to appear in previous screenshots.
Argonian Headsets - http://i434.photobuc...ianHeadsets.jpg
Argonian Real Swords - http://i434.photobuc...nRealSwords.jpg
Croc Armour - http://i434.photobuc...n3/CrocHelm.jpg
Newtscale Armour - http://i434.photobuc...scaleArmour.jpg
Scale Armour - http://i434.photobuc...ScaleArmour.jpg
Stained Glass Windows - http://i434.photobuc...tainedGlass.jpg
Backpack - http://i434.photobuc...n3/Backpack.jpg
Voodoo Painting - http://i434.photobuc...Ib...ng01.jpg"]
Potion Skull - http://i434.photobuc...Ib...kull.jpg"]
Potion Labels - http://i434.photobuc...el-Gurulsam.jpg
Voodoo Potion - http://i434.photobuc...dooPotion03.jpg
Bamboo Bed - http://i434.photobuc...ooBedLower1.jpg
Bark Canoe - http://i434.photobuc...3/BarkCanoe.jpg
Boiling Kettle - http://i434.photobuc...ilingKettle.jpg
Bushel Gourd - http://i434.photobuc...BushelGourd.jpg
Glass Jar - http://i434.photobuc...ssJarPotion.jpg
Gutted Fish - http://i434.photobuc...dGuttedFish.jpg
House Clutter - http://i434.photobuc...ouseClutter.jpg
Resinware - http://i434.photobuc...3/ResinWare.jpg
Waterskin - http://i434.photobuc...3/Waterskin.jpg

Yet More Architecture: some of our modders have left us due to real life issues without making the most of some of the architectures that have been produced. Here is a selection of some of the architecture that is waiting for new modders to breathe life into them.
Chieftain Swamp Hut - http://i434.photobuc...ainSwampHut.jpg
Dres Scuttler - http://i434.photobuc...ScuttlerInt.jpg
Naga Skin Hut Exterior - http://i434.photobuc...utDuo1Vines.jpg
Naga Scale Hut Exterior - http://i434.photobuc...utExt2Vines.jpg
Southlander Hut Exterior - http://i434.photobuc...landerhut01.jpg
Southlander Hut Interior - http://i434.photobuc...t01interior.jpg
Swampland Huts + Village - http://i434.photobuc...amplandHuts.jpg
TurtleShell House Exterior - http://i434.photobuc...eHouse1IExt.jpg
TurtleShell House Interior - http://i434.photobuc...eHouse1IntA.jpg
Watertop Huts - http://i434.photobuc...aterTopHuts.jpg

Concept Art, Lore and Literature: far beyond the ‘Lusty Argonian Maid’, BM offers a highly-developed interpretation of Elder Scrolls lore on Argonia with a number of pieces of concept art still ready to be used by modellers.

Music & Sound: where I am most known is my work on voices for ‘Lost Spires’, ‘Gates to Aesgaard’ and ‘Origin of the Mages Guild’ so the normal service will be resumed here, possibly incorporating my complete new sound sets for several different races as originally performed for ‘Silgrad Tower’: my voice acting samples . Our soundtrack, meanwhile, is currently being developed and reflects the dark, swampy, savage and tribal nature of the Black Marshes. Here are some of the experiments so far: Black Marsh - The Official Soundtrack .

Quests: many factions vie for power in Argonia, none more powerful than the almighty Hist but you can expect to see the emergence of the Shadowscales, the Sotha Tren criminal syndicate, the Royal Court and the horrific details of the ‘Khanaten flu’ (and other diseases) explored.

Creatures & Races: You will find some curious and deadly creations of the Black Marsh including the Naga, the Marsh Elves and the Sarpa besides the more inhuman varieties of swamp Golem, Skaven, tarantulas, giant mosquitoes, Durzogs, Werecrocs and Guars.
Black Panther - http://i434.photobuc...lackPanther.jpg
Centipede - http://i434.photobuc...3/Centipede.jpg
Sarpa MKII - http://i434.photobuc...arlierSarpa.jpg
Sarpa MKIII - 
Naga Base Model - http://i434.photobuc...sen3/Gnolls.jpg
Gorilla - http://i434.photobuc...en3/Gorilla.jpg
Marsh Elves - http://i434.photobuc.../MarshElves.jpg
Marsh Leopard - http://i434.photobuc...arshLeopard.jpg
Mosquito - http://i434.photobuc...n3/Mosquito.jpg
Saurian Argonians - http://i434.photobuc...anArgonians.jpg
Swamp Golem - http://i434.photobuc.../SwampGolem.jpg
Tarantula - http://i434.photobuc...3/Tarantula.jpg
Lilmothlit - http://i434.photobuc...dLilmothlit.jpg
Argonian Zombies - http://i434.photobuc...nianZombies.jpg
Durzogs - http://i434.photobuc...en3/Durzogs.jpg
Skaven - http://i434.photobuc...sen3/Skaven.jpg

IV: What has yet to be created?

‘Claims’ are now being set up for various parts of the Black Marsh project which will make it easier for both newbie and experienced modders to fit in with our aims whilst also leaving them sufficient space to develop their own ideas and spread their wings creatively.

Although new modellers and texturers are very welcome, as there are still some very ambitious tasks that they might like to get to grips with, what will be of most value to us are interior, dungeons and quest modders. I would also appreciate some help with landscapes, remaining settlements and AIs.

Interiors – Many of the settlements are complete and someone who can bring life to them would be a real breath of fresh air. Many new models such as paintings and furniture are now available so there is plenty to play with besides plenty of strange, new interior models.

Dungeons – You have a very wide range to choose from in BM as we use a selection from both OB and SI including caves, a few Forts and SI ruins besides some of our own tilesets such as the Barsaebic Ayleid ‘mossy ruins’ and the bellies of dead rootworms!

Quests – With the settlements now reaching a fully functioning status, we’re in a good position to begin incidental city / settlement quests besides the more ambitious ideas such as the arrival of the flying Sarpa race, the secret of the rootworms, the truth behind the Khanaten flu, an introduction to ‘Bhuru Magic’ (Argonian ‘voodoo’) and the development of the sinister Shadowscales besides various others.

We’d love to see what you can bring to the mod and it would be great to have some fresh talents on the forums to speed things along!

V: How can I take part?

Either PM me or, better still, drop by the 'Assimilation Lab' forums and check out the main thread entitled ‘The Sticky Guar’. The important threads at the top include a guide for newcomers called, unsurprisingly, ‘New Modders Start Here’. But make sure that you register first.

Here is a link to the forums: BM forums . Then let us know by sending one of us a message if you need to contact us on our home site.

Thanks for reading!

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I can help with male voice acting, though I'm kind of young just in case that might be a problem (I'm 17). Can somebody direct me on how to put .wav files on the net for people to sample?

EDIT: nevermind. just realized he asked us to message him, and how to put .wav samples here on the nexus (I think)




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I was wondering how you are handling the conquering of the Trans-Niben, and the activities of the failed Blackwood Company?
Do the operations to conquer, hold and pacify this area still bear marks in the Blackwood area? Are there Argonian die-hards, bandits or freedom-fighters depending on your point of view, still trying to disrupt the area?
The Blackwood Company, evidently quite large at one point, tried to root out fugitives and insurgents in the areas. Assuming they used classic pre-modern methods they would have built forts and tried to dominate the countryside, do old, half swamp-reclaimed forts dot here and there? :)




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I was wondering how you are handling the conquering of the Trans-Niben, and the activities of the failed Blackwood Company?
Do the operations to conquer, hold and pacify this area still bear marks in the Blackwood area? Are there Argonian die-hards, bandits or freedom-fighters depending on your point of view, still trying to disrupt the area?
The Blackwood Company, evidently quite large at one point, tried to root out fugitives and insurgents in the areas. Assuming they used classic pre-modern methods they would have built forts and tried to dominate the countryside, do old, half swamp-reclaimed forts dot here and there? :)

The Company do still exist, just not in their Cyrodiil-based form. So the group has fractured and yet the sources of their initial formation remain. To be honest, it's not a large part of our mod as we only really plan to deal with it in passing but it feeds in to some of our other ideas such as the Khanaten Liberation Army. Plus our Southlander race (oops! I forgot to put a link to this race in the first post) has had dealing with the Blackwoods before and this group tend to populate reclaimed forts besides their travelling yurts.

I'm not the best person to ask about lore though. Deeza is our 'lore monkey'. I just have ideas that I'd love to put in there and Deeza corrects me. :biggrin: We found that this system works well, especially with Deeza's close involvement. Tenmar Wall is an interesting settlement and, without wanting to give too much away, there is a little tension between the locals here. Remnants of Imperial troops are seen to be cracking down on activities as much as they can....just not very successfully.




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Very well guys...I wish you good luck on this...just a few suggestions: 1) The first and most important thing is to make this as lore friendly as possible....actually I suggest to make this inspired from lore...also you should make new buildings not just put the buildings from oblivion (like I saw in stormhold)...2) It would be very nice if you also put a main plot in the mod not just new lands...something like the overwhelming clans of bandits or freedom fighters that try to throw out the imperial ocupation...




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Hi crevus,

Thanks for your suggestions. :thanks:

1) The first and most important thing is to make this as lore friendly as possible....actually I suggest to make this inspired from lore...

That's what the previous team spent a lot of time doing...too much time IMO. But yes, we're very lore-based.

2) also you should make new buildings not just put the buildings from oblivion (like I saw in stormhold)...

Sometimes the old stuff just works best. Some of what you see there will be re-textured. We have already re-textured a number of items but we also have loads of new models. In fact, I'm more worried about the size of the downloads due to all of the new material than using too many vanilla OB models...

3) It would be very nice if you also put a main plot in the mod not just new lands...something like the overwhelming clans of bandits or freedom fighters that try to throw out the imperial ocupation...

Plenty of new plots are planned. That's why I joined....it's just that I ended up becoming project leader as well. After doing a lot of the exterior work, we're now just starting to introduce the quests.

In general, it's worth saying that there will be lots of new content. This is not going to be just a 'here is the land of the black marshes' mod.




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Hi Ibsen! Nice to see that the project is moving :) ... A few more days and I'll be able to join you.




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Wonderful news, mate. Looking forward to it!



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Wonderful news, mate.

Indeed, an awesome addition to an already stellar team.

As you may know, Koniption is a member of The Wormhole so I've had my eye on this mod for some time. It's looking very good and i have come to offer my services(freelance) to your team. If you have need of a modder's map of your worldspace, any development analysis videos or anything else please let me know.




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Cheers worm82075!

Yes, Koniption has mentioned your 'crafty bits' (oo-er!). She's done some stunning work for us so far and there's yet more to come. I don't think we would be looking anywhere near as good if she wasn't with us. And yes, a modder's map would be wonderful. My current maps are pretty basic and just used for basic planning but once we get the regions fully generated for the beta then we'll certainly have need of you. Please feel free to drop by the forums: http://www.silgrad.c....php?boardid=62 . You'd be very welcome!

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