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Footage is taken from the console. Pretty sure as the water effects don't look very impressive and some of the ground textures look a bit low res.

How to you know its in the consoles and not the PC?

In a podcast a few weeks ago Todd said they hadn't started any PC optimization yet and specifically mentioned the texture packs for PC being higher quality when it's released.

And the title of the trailer I saw at gamestop said playstation 3 on the title.So I canīt wait for the pc version as it will be so much better :D




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im wondering if the textures are gonna be anything like quarls texture package... and they should elaborate how we are gonna get around in this huge mountains world, since i suspect horses would be useless going up a huge mountain. any suggestions? maybe ships in the sky would be nice. bicycles?

Mountains aren't completely vertical. You can traverse then on horse nearly as well as on foot I'd assume, as long as you stay away from jagged rocks on the ground. There will no doubt be a point in which you'd have to dismount if you're going into a dungeon or a place of the likes. There are also "natural paths" on mountains usually. I used to live in the mountains (North Carolina, US).

oh yeah what part? i live in the mtns of north carolina right now.. for the last three years lol



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I just saw the trailer on YouTube

I am not sure this running sequence is actually 1st-person view...or at least not tied into the same even as your character running to the cliff. Why? Because you see no sword or shield in your hands...even if empty-handed, you would think hands would be flying up and down. Makes me think it is a dramatic cut-scene to introduce the 1st dragon encounter when in the game. (0:28)

The looking over the edge part definitely looks like cut-scene material (0:39)

What was the power word he used? Musta-cha? (1:05)

Face of a fallen statue in the woods...fallen / broken trees all over. (1:13)

Architecture strongly influenced by dragons...even scale design for roof material. (1:18)

Working grain mills (1:20) and water mills! (1:28)

It has been said that there will be unique landscapes such as this but I wonder if seasons will be incorporated or if they always look the same in the same location. (1:29)

Decapitation for the win! (1:32)

Did anyone else notice the dragon only has 12 teeth? hehehe. A baby dragon for sure! (1:33)

One-handed firing of a staff weapon with a sword in the other hand. (1:35)

Could this be a dragon shout? (1:37)

The pauldrons "slide" over the rest of the armor when the sword is pulled...looks very nice (1:39)

New creatures or wisps on crack? (1:40)

A 2-handed spell? (1:43)

Also, if my eyes did not deceive me, it looks like we get finishing moves (1:43) and blood splatter particles (1:49)

Nice spider. I wonder if they will use Havok in such a way that anything that touches a web can get entangled. (1:47)

I wonder if this is a "level-up" sequence or possibly where you learn a new power word. (2:00)

I don't know if the blowing snow is scripted or if those snow particles are actually the same particles that fell from the sky and collected on the ground. Looks good either way. (2:18)

Hopefully the free-camera controls will be as smooth as what we see in this trailer. Time will tell.




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Noticed a few more things from re-watching the trailer (the HD download helps).

1. Looks like we no longer need mods for outdoor window lighting and chimney smoke. Two different towns showcase these in the trailer.
2. The guy running from the dragon, I believe in 1st and 3rd person, when he exhaled you could see the breath in the cold air. Nothing that hasn't been done before, but still.
3. I saw birds flying around randomly in a couple of shots
4. Should be pretty obvious, but just in case the observation wasn't made by some, these cities definitely appear "open."
5. At 1:35... am I wrong, or is this a cave that's a part of the outside world?
6. 1:45 I see what looks like pipes? Could this be a dwemer ruin?
7. 2:15. I want to climb that mountain. And jump off. Makes dive rock look like a kiddie jump. Oh, but also here, notice the wind/snow shooting in small jets from the ruin thing the dragon was perched on? Any ideas what that is?



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Can't watch the trailer on YouTube because of the dang content restrictions. I'll just download it off elderscrolls.com instead.



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Should I upload the 720p trailer to the Nexus?

EDIT #1: Working on it here Skyrim Trailers

EDIT #2: Got permission from gstaff to upload the video...rather than just include the YouTube videos in the video tab.

EDIT #3: MP4 video attached. Trying to get Microsoft Expression to crank out a high-quality WMV but I keep poor quality...but I am finding additional options to increase the quality...so the WMV will get there...eventually.



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Finally saw it!!! If you culd upload it, I would much appreciate it.

Exactly what I wanted to see for a in-game experience video. With the running and then having to fight the dragon. I will say that the graphics or animation of the dragon melting and going into the player was awesome. Then when you thought he was safe and all, over the mountain flies another, just around the corner. The voice also was amazing.
Seeing all the behind the scene video of art and sound made me think of how hard they have really worked to make this game greater than all their other ones. I have no complants, now nor later! Skyrim will be epic.



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I'd like for Bethesda to go through there and point out what we would actually see in the game, rather than what they show us running off a supercomputer with the highest graphics and special cutscene animations.

I remember what they got when they did that Oblivion technology ideo (Set in the prison at the beginning) with all the parallax mapping and dynamic shadows. Then again, they said in the podcast recently that they don't want people to give them that reaction again. So I'll trust them to only show us stuff we'll see in the final game.



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Bah I'm away from home and can only view it on my phone. Its all grainy and pixelated but still looks amazing. Can't wait till this evening when I get to go home and see it. So far it looks like those who criticized the graphics will be eating their words or just lying to themselves.

Ok Fatal

I'll eat my words, that does look pretty damn good and the landscaping also looks involving too, I was trying to not get too excited about Skyrim but I am now officially twitchy and its only Febuary. Its gonna be a long summer, but once Nov 11 comes round I'm gonna be cabin'd up and I won't be coming out till about the following easter.

Some have said that the pathing on that wolf looked a bit naff but I thought its actual animations looked quite fluid.

And the dragon shout heh heh, reminds me of one of my ex's, she had a shout that could make me disappear.



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Just got home from town, and the first thing I did was to watch the trailer...

Oh my god! :D
That looks awesome!! When the Dragonborn uses the dragon shout there.. It's EPIC! :D

Lon, thank you for uploading it to the Nexus. I'll add a link to the OP. :)

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