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  1. Telekenisis. Telepathy......
  2. I've been here since 2007 and I've never seen you before so it must have been a dream you had.
  3. I would've thought there would be a number of forum themes built-in in order to modify the colour scheme. Edit: Apparently there is....
  4. I find the white text on black background (such as the content in the quote boxes and the text box when typing a post) too much of a contrast to read comfortably. Perhaps it's just me - would be interested to see if anyone else agrees.
  5. Your biased value judgement is unnecessary and inaccurate and, given your years in the community you should know better. By your logic, using a mod manager, or BethINI or any number of other modding automation tools would also be 'the lazy way out'. Collections and curated mod lists are popular because it means you can be playing the game you want more quickly than if you had to install everything and resolve all the conflicts yourself. Is that being lazy in your world? The implication of your comment is that not using a collection is somehow a more noble method of modding your game. It isn't. De-bias your mind from this mode of thinking. It will likely create more problems. If you want to do this, I recommend you become familiar with SSEEdit in order to identify and resolve any conflicts that arise. In terms of whether it will be easier and faster to download every mod independently - it would depend on the size of the collection and the nature of the mods included. I would think that in general it would still be faster to use a collection as you would still need to spend time resolving conflicts that may otherwise have been resolved in the parts of the collection you decided to retain.
  6. If you search on YouTube, you'll find lots of videos showcasing 'next-gen' Skyrim and usually the creator provides a link to their modlist. Here's an example.
  7. There is a very useful and highly under-utilised website called Google, which you can use to find what you want, using a mere fraction of the words you used above. And someone else doesn't have to do your work for you. Everybody benefits....
  8. Nexus Mod Manager at Modding Tools - Nexus Mods
  9. From what I've read your theories appear to be of the 'kill it before it spreads' kind. That's a relief as I, and I'm sure many others, considered them to be rather amusing given how half-baked they are. You don't say. Perhaps you should remember that next time you're tempted to offer an opinion in a domain you're.....naive and uneducated about. Do you have theories about mental health disorders too? Given your previous form I imagine they're also disastrously deficient in evidential support and logic. If you're so fragile that someone pointing out the deficiencies in your content causes you to have such an emotional meltdown, perhaps you should avoid discussion forums and social gatherings in general....
  10. I said you were naive as you were clearly taking an idealistic view of a domain in which ideals are fairly irrelevant and about which you clearly know very little about. I never said you were uneducated - you adroitly demonstrated that yourself. But let me clearly spell out for you what I do think and was able to prove: you are an unashamed bullsh!tter who tries to appear authoritative regarding a domain you know very little about and when the clear and obvious deficiencies of your opinion are pointed out to you, you try to weasel out of it by using slimey tactics like passing it off as a 'figure of speech'. Clearly you lack the courage to own what you wrote. No you haven't. Making mods isn't BGS development. That sounds like a line someone would use to pad their resume. Please continue posting your BS - I will enjoy continuing to expose you as a dishonest bloviator.
  11. How surprising - more redundant words! And not one of them responding to my request that you post the link to the STEP thread where you asked for help. There isn't one is there? How about posting a link to a thread where everyone blasts you for the number of esps your modlist contains. I suspect you enjoy moaning about your problems more than you are motivated to actually resolve them. In fact, I think your posts are more about a cry for attention than actually resolving mod conflicts. Please stop wasting everyone's time, including your own.
  12. Another post that contains twice as many words as necessary. I'm starting to see a pattern here - people recommending you not do something and you ignoring them. Post a link to the thread at the STEP forums where you asked for help with your STEP LE install.
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