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Nostalgic Titles

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Legend of Dragoon, that opening sequence was tragically beautiful. It's a damn shame it hasn't been given the green light for a sequel or even a HD remaster.




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If my joypad worked I would play to the Streets of Rage more oftenly,just to quote one franchise.



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Pong.... Space Invaders, Duke Nukem, Lunar Landing.


The Seventh Guest really grabbed me, cause it was  puzzler game.  Sort of like CLUE.  I started playing it on a computer I bought at a garage sale with Windows 3.II.  I never finished the game.  The movie parts kept crashing the game.


I packed it away for another day.  It wouldn't play the movies without CTD on the next computer I found either. 


All the games I found back then were from boxes at garage sales. 


Which are now all packed away in my storage space.  I played it once again when I got the upgraded OS for Windows.  Windows 95. 98, 98 SE. XP, etc. 


It kept crashing the machines video card during movie play.  I didn't know how to tweak the machines back then.  That was about the time, 1997, that I was able to get on the Internet and learn more about computers.  The library didn't have much in the of mod support, tweaking video settings, and getting Daughter cards.  Also extra RAM was necessary and I couldn't afford that fancy stuff and I did not know the computers I had collected had the larger capacity RAM and I could have swapped them around YET.




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The first game I EVER played on a computer was a Commodore C16 game:


"Las Vegas" a casino gambling game


I played it over and over again on my brothers C16!




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GTA here. great classic

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