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Please somebody fix Fallout. It's almost perfect.

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Before I begin I must state clearly that I am not a writer and I'm not trying to be perfect!

Even when i am trying i write in long rambling run-on sentences. I am doing this to get it out of my head. I've been thinking about this for days! I've always loved the idea of game mods and i spent hundreds of hours playing modded versions of gta games battlefield 2 and arma! and now fallout 4 which is one of my favorite games ever without any mods but the way its almost perfect has awoken a desire in me to see if the modding community could be pleaded with in hopes that a beautiful perfect conversion of this game was possible.


How to fix fallout 4:




First things first, I'm not a hater but I am new to fallout. having said that this is the single most fun game I've ever played! it crosses zombie survival, tactical shooting, with rpg, and adventure with an amazing settlement system.

however I do have to agree with the critics that the story is utterly broken... in my first play through I used a Samus Aran\Liam Neeson character build which means that I lived in my power armor and I was on a mission to rescue Shaun before I allowed myself to indulge in wasteland exploration or side quests. Sadly however once the final chapters of the story began to reveal themselves I quickly lost interest in the nonsensical and plot-hole filled story-line.


After that I just began to wander aimlessly in the wasteland, did a little settlement building, but mostly just went after a few choice mods on nexus that I felt improved game play and immersion so much that they should have been included in the original game.

Some of the smaller changes I'd like to see already exist in a simpler form made by mod authors way before the upcoming creation kit release. This community gave me hope that it may be possible to transform the funnest game I've ever played into one of the best games ever made!!!


2.Mod List


Here's my list of mods i felt improved game play or added a deeper level of immersion, or fit my vision of the new "Fallout" I hoped to be a small part of creating.


1.Cut Weapon Mods Restored: Who doesn't want more weapon options? Also the Broadsider plays a major-major part in my redesign. I desperately need some one to create a pre-war military version of a "man -portable tank gun" to be carried by troops wearing power armor into battle! Finally justifying the nickname "walking tank" and a simple re-mesh or texture could transform the broadsider into such a weapon after that just add the receiver options from the cut weapons mod to add the necessary firepower and I would hope such a change would excite fallout loyalist and be symbiotic and reasonable at home in the existing lore.


2. Slippery Chameleon: This mod allows you to move around while using a stealth boy without breaking the stealth field visual! JUST LIKE THE ENEMIES CAN! Seems fair to me, also should be drawn from fusion core rather than ap while in power armor and player held one will have fusion core battery or one time charge and be disposable forcing player to ration use.


3. See Through Combat Scopes: Awesome! very lore\immersion friendly.


4. Overmodded Power Armor: Don't make me choose between a targeting hud and recon sensors when they so excellently compliment each other - or a stealth-boy and a jet-pack especially when I fixed the stealth boy already. I won't do it... I'd rather mod.


5. Lasers Have No Recoil;  A youtuber made a video and a modder fixed it! I love that! besides whats the point of technology if it doesn't feel like cheating? Balance with rarity and ammo cost this is a must!


6. Advanced Institute Weapons; Changes institute weapon projectile to the alien weapon projectile. Why? Cause in its current state it is just a lame laser rifle with blue beams. Why else? Cause it was reverse engineered from alien technology! More on that later... Also can somebody speed up the projectile?

I tried to snipe and it shoots like a railway rifle yeeesh!


7. Immersive Fast Travel; This mod gave me tons of great ideas. The teleporter is cool it just needs an institute relay flash when you activate. You must side with institute at some point to unlock (along with other goodies). The Vertibird already has a working interface in vanilla but the motorcycle and car from the mod gave me a great idea.


Settlement to settlement transport vehicles you can build or discover and repair. Here's how it would work in-game... Approach vehicle, hit E to enter (cut-scene of player opening door and sitting in car then closing), pipboy map or vehicle nav is brought up, destination is selected, here's the cool part an cut-scene of vehicle driving off a short distance as screen fades to black\loading screen(immersion) load screen fades to cut of vehicle arriving at destination settlement and parking then exiting and control is returned entire sequence can be first or third person and car truck jeep or motorcycle. maybe these vehicles can be unlocked by atomcats garage? I know that's a reach and I swear that's the only time I'll mess with lore in such a way. Maybe at some point you unlock a fast travel ufo that beams you up then teleports to anywhere on map?


8. Robot Home Defense; In a world where hack-able robots exist wasting resources on turrets and guard stations seem pointless.


V.A.T.S. please don't hate me for this...


I imagine if the player wanted to use vats outside of power armor they would need some type of technology like the eye piece thing from dbz power scouter I think they call it ours would be more steam punk of course and could be integrated into helmets and mask at an armor station by scrapping it into components. The vats system is already built into power armor as standard. This should be simple right? Build a vats eye thing as apparel and disable vats unless player is wearing eyepiece power scouter vats module? Or wearing power armor or wearing a helmet\mask with "vats integrated" in the title.

I know this is a big change and everybody may hate the idea but I felt there was untapped immersion and realism possible and it just seemed odd for a non robot to do vats.




COMPANION BRAHMIN: The cargo one with all the luggage maybe it can be bought from a specific trader and act as a walking cargo hold with insane cargo capacity like thousands!! balance? gotta keep it alive or use a lot of stim packs, but it will definitely come in handy when you go resource hunting for the large-scale settlement projects... What large-scale settlement projects?? THESE...


LARGE-SCALE SETTLEMENT PROJECTS: Given enough settlers maybe a leader can be appointed when your away and they can unlock these over time things for settlers to work on like actually restoring existing houses over time with different levels like patchwork like new and better than new or border fences junk metal fortress\castle that are prefabbed along the border, you just say go and they are erected overtime while you are away given enough labor and resources.


GHOULS EVERYWHERE: If all living things went hostile tomorrow you would run into more of us than anything right? Either way who doesn't love killing zombies? The wasteland outside of cities should be stocked with ghouls ghouls should be a constant menace in the wasteland forcing the player to use more tactics while moving in the open in the early game there presence may be hedged in the late game by the presence of such powerful factions but they still remain a persistent growing threat to humanity. Here's where i found an opportunity to do some lore bending for the benefit of my reworked not rewritten storyline. I did research on the ghoul lore online and didn't see any reason a ghoul virus couldn't exist in the fallout universe - "radioactive-necrosis" huh huh? No reason the institute couldn't have discovered the virus and now the twist Shaun was sought out for his immunity - I know it's not mind blowing but it makes him much more rare than non-irradiated and could have been inherited by the chosen genders side of the family making the spouses killing less irrational.


THE INSTITUTE: I felt the institute needed a master plan to go with their synth project, I mean a better plan than "building the perfect machine". The first 2 generations provide the institute with slaves and soldiers - same weapons. same armor - but I want to see synth heavies in institute white x01 suits.

They are cutting edge right? I felt the third generation needed a job more substantial than replacing strategic people on the surface, don't get me wrong it's a fine side project but given their complexity I felt they needed a greater purpose than espionage.

A lot of games look to movies for inspiration and I'm aware of the influence terminator and blade runner has had on the synths of fallout 4, but I kept coming back to the movie appleseed and the bioroids. I was like that's a way better reason for making all these synths! The institute is afraid of the surface but feels it is their destiny to control the way civilization is rebuilt so in their arrogance they start by re-designing man.


Ghoul and rad resistant better faster stronger etc and limited free will due to a chip in their head that gives the institute the ability to issue directives that all synths must obey without question the institute claims this is a safety\update feature it also limits their negative emotions to remove the possibility of man 2.0 repeating its own near extinction, or so the institute claims. This chip also facilitates a service the railroad can provide the escaped synths by removing the chip and giving them true freedom... cool right? So that's my major re-write.


Save the world and rule the world by building a perfect man they control - but that's not all the institute has in store...


ALIEN TECHNOLOGY: So I got a mod that changed the projectile of the institute rifle to the alien blaster one and it felt way cooler to be shooting a copy of alien tech than just a blue laser rifle. Then I started thinking about that memory den pod thing seemed out of place. What if it was recovered from a ufo? and somehow ended up in the memory den but the operator could only use it as a brain vcr or tivo and is not aware of the potential of the device. When the institute became aware of the technology they were able to procure their own and it turned out the pod was used by aliens to encode their brainwaves and communicate with a hivemind on their home planet x million light-years away, and the institute hoped they could use the pod to extend lifespans exponentially by copying their mind into synth clones of themselves. The original copy vessel dies when a full transfer is preformed so it isn't taken lightly by those who believe in a soul and aren't sure it will make the jump with their memories and personality and the new synh is just a souless copy. Ok here really goes nothing...


SUPER MUTANTS: the fev right? It was stored under ground before the war. I didn't see any mention of it being successfully tested before the war and after the war it seems like it never works so maybe the rads corrupted it? Where did it come from? ALIENS! Why not? Maybe old world governments swapped tech with aliens, but that doesn't affect the way I want to see super mutants changed in fallout.


Right now they are like buff raiders with creepy decorations and terrible dialogue. In fo4's lore the supermutants of the commonwealth are not native to the area and the cw is across the country from where they originated they are released experiments of the institute carried out on a much smaller scale due to the fact it doesn't freaking work so they would not be organized in armored clans but scattered alone, or in small packs still dangerous but just trying to survive, not offensive unless hunting but will attack if threatened or its home is invaded they will wander the less urban areas solo attack with mutant specific mostly melee weapons crude poolstick spear, sledge axe, nail bat, satchel of throwing nukes? This guy can have his bag targeted at range and the secondaries will kill the whole pack this one will always accompany packs when close its best to just headshot. I want the s\ms to have a bigfoot vibe. Cool right? I always thought big foot was a released govt experiment seems plausible.


GUNNERS VS RAIDERS: The two gangs of the commonwealth should fight each other for territory, makes for a more lively commonwealth and player should be able to play optional raider\gunner quest where you pick up a special item like a recruitment letter or disguise or something that turns the specific side friendly and when you assist them in combat an npc will ask for help at another nearby battle site when talked to after. Gain exp, legendary drops and special thing for completing x quest. Good idea bad idea? Idk.


THE STORY: There are already synth settlers that are indistinguishable from regular ones, just need more of them and they should be shown as victims of raider violence, like finding dead settlers in raider camps with synth components and prejudice from other settlers when suspected like verbal harassment. So the story remains pretty much the same until you enter the institute where you meet synth Shaun and real Shaun who is suffering from very early stage brain cancer he explains why they make synths.


A NEW WAY TO PLAY THE END GAME: I liked the idea of the railroad and minutemen both contributing to one of the endings but why not include the brotherhood? I call these multi-faction endings like convincing the boss to help you break back into the institute then let the minutemen take the lead on the invasion into the interior which Maxson believes to be a suicide mission, and while inside the institute you can keep a promise made to the railroad and assist a mass escape of a group of gen3's seeking freedom.


THE PLAN: If you stick with the institute long enough you will be sent on a quest to clear out a general atomics factory so that it can be re-purposed for mass production of the robo synths so urban areas can be occupied and patrolled in their words to keep the peace and end the violence against synths. You will also be asked to help destroy rival factions by multiple factions but can refuse leaving factions intact either way - I don't want to see the bos completely destroyed. Prydwen goes down but the brotherhood sticks around in smaller numbers so you can fight them post game they will randomly be occupying buildings like outpost you can find by looking for guards outside or will drop off scout/recon teams by vertibird like before the Prydwen goes down. Also I don't want to see that puffy scribe armor I have a hard time shooting those guys, they don't look intimidating or even combat ready.

I want to see the bos jumper uniform with bos combat armor of varying levels and power armor that's it.




6TH SENSE: I hate wandering into enemies, so I end up spamming the q button then exiting vats this has a really useful end result of having your characters direction changed to be facing the enemy then you can scope and kill. So here's an idea and it can be disabled by the player but why not have a better reason to buff perception? For instance when you come across an enemy or one wanders into line of sight you will have a vats style slow mo effect triggered and the players camera will be re focused in the enemies direction after a second the player is released and free to enter vats manually aim and attack sneak closer for a better shot or evade all together. So the idea is random encounters will draw your attention automatically and the range will depend on your stats, this will allow tactical players to approach enemies way more carefully.


Again its optional in my vision and you can also be prompted too enter vats while the slomo effect is happening, or if your quick enough you can draw your weapon and prolong the slomo effect for as long as ap holds out just like having the drop on somebody. It should also have a cool down time to prevent multiple slo mo effects when encountering groups who enter l.o.s. one by one.


PIP PHONE? I wasn't the biggest fan of traveling great distances in order to have simple quest convos. What's all this technology for? So why not have the ability to communicate with the most important npcs over ham radios and through terminal on their side with audio and\or video transmitted to your pipboy you can also receive those on screen text alerts through a messenger on the pipboy to deepen immersion. Super simple and you can still watch your beautiful character in third person talking to his wrist with a grainy voice talking back or go back and forth between the player and his pipboy screen displaying pixelated video of the npc you're talking to.


INSTITUTE BENEFITS: Now you have a better reason to take down the institute to prevent an army of clones and terminators from surpassing humanity allowing their mad scientist creators to control the destiny of the planet. Why end the game sided with them? Well I assumed joining the institute would benefit the settlers under my jurisdiction with some of that high technology - I mean we are allies right? How would this work? Maybe you can complete side quest for different institute departments and be rewarded with institute benefits, like synth robo guard and workers for settlements that cost no resources and consume none, or super seeds that unlock high yield farm crops or high output water purifiers and generators or even s*censored*y institute beds that boost happiness simple obvious but overlooked.


SURVIVAL: In survival mode food water and rest become necessary, but rather than stat bars that tick down how about a rule of thumb to eat sleep once a day and drink twice - neglecting to do so will trigger an inner dialogue like I need to eat soon, I need a drink. Failing to do so will result in negative stat effects or the inability to run or less carry weight taking more damage in battle passing out etc, and also breakable limbs that can be repaired by a doctor in diamond city or the institute or railroad and a rare npc who can be sent to a settlement for a personal doctor when these limbs are damaged player may limp unable to move any quicker or be restricted to pistols/knives until pain drugs are taken as a temporary fix or doctors repair it. Maybe the doctor can put on a cast that can be removed by doctor in xx days... idk just a thought. Also while sleeping in areas with enemies near by you may be awoken abruptly if an enemy enters your sleep perception range like you heard a noise and maybe if hidden well you can choose to continue resting in hopes the enemy just passes by based on luck maybe?


SHAUN: I hated the way Shaun's death was handled, especially if you choose not to side with his borg collective he basically tells you to go to hell before he dies, it sucks. I would rather he be found " dead" when raiding the institute or after returning from your last mission. Upon discovering this the crib ending should play then later when synth Shaun asks to go with you either because the place is about to blow or father is dead and he sees you as his only other family, but then Shaun's holotape should reveal that the same alien tech used in the memory den was replicated inside the institute in the hopes it could save Shaun's life by having his mind put in a synth body but rather than just body swap he decided to have all his memories after the age of ten locked away and his mind was put in synth Shaun so that he could give his mother what she wanted most in the world and also to give himself another chance at life with a loving parent.


JET PACK: Why can#t you fly forward with the  jet pack? Maybe a hover button, but definitely want forward flight for jet packs, they did it way back in San Andreas! Just pivot the two outside nozzles.


DOORS: So the player can be seen climbing into a suit of armor, but can't turn a doorknob with their own hand and walk through a black hole to a loading screen?




NCR RANGER MASK: I downloaded the ncr ranger outfit off nexus, it's cool but I messed around and wow, that mask looks great with combat armor so good it should come with the helmet in a version like combat mask.


ANCHORAGE FRONT: I imagined a flashback mission where a group of u.s. soldiers, some with power armor are being flown in vertibirds through a blizzard to be dropped at an oil drilling out post that was captured by Chinese paratroopers your mission is to retake it so this is the very beginning of the war before the nukes and would be a really cool quest idea.


PHONE HOME: If the alien institute connection in my vision of fallout catches on then I would like to see a mission where some of those giant radars at the listening post are used to signal aliens and request a fresh uncontaminated sample of fev or something.


REPAIR THE PRYDWEN: So there's a giant jet engine in the wasteland on the back of a truck somewhere so why not have a quest in which you recover it to repair a damaged Prydwen engine or something.


LIBERTY PRIME BOSS FIGHT: I don't care how or why!


HOLSTERED\SLUNG WEAPONS: Freaking let the player sling or holster the weapon. I saw this in a promo video was it too hard? Is it too much to ask that the player puts food and drink to their face the way they inject stimpacks?


That's it for now. I really do love the game - maybe too much...





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Asking this much all at once in a very long post is going to probably discourage most modders from taking a long look at this or knowing where they would even begin in creating a mod for you. Have you considered whether there are smaller requests you might make to help bring about something that would improve your gameplay experience? Since I'm afraid constructing a perfect game is beyond me and probably most other modders. 


Alternatively since you have very specific tastes and ideas, have you considered learning modding to be able to implement your vision in the game?

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If it isn't broke, don't fix it.




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yeah I'm way out of my element with the whole forum thing but ive done a little bit of modding in my day I was late to battlefield 2 bf3 was my introduction to the series on console but I appreciate the near god level freedom pc allows in creating your own vision adding Naruto content and giant robots to san andreas. I would edit weapons txt files to add things like a fully functional targeting pod to the f35 in bf2 this came from a desire to exploit the lgb from mods like naw and aix. in single player planes with an articulated targeting pod using just txt edits and trial and error never released total amateur is fallout modding similar? ive found a lot of mods that fit into my vision and I'm willing to roll my sleeves up and help take it the rest of the way. is the ck worth waiting for? is pre ck modding research gonna translate?




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I would suggest actually reading up on the Lore of the series.


Super Mutants and the FEV are not alien technology, and they have literally nothing to do with the Institute, apart from the Biosciences division doing testing on them AFTER Super Mutants were originally made.

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