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EGM/Galactic Readiness Question

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In EGM it says my Galactic Readiness is at 100%.  However t he game is still using a 50% multiple when calculating total points.  Is that intended or a bug? 




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I downloaded EGM for the first time for my new playthrough (Its AMAZING) alongside with ME3Recalibrated and a lot.

I get this bug (?) as well.

It still calclates the points in the right way (50%).. but the war map shows every sector at 100 %.


I'd also like to know if that is a bug (perhaps caused by the other two mods?) and messes up things or if its just a graphical glitch ?


Thanks in advance.




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It is a bug. The readiness is actually 50% or whatever it should be. We were testing some code that will put readiness always at 100% for everybody (so effectively removing MP) and adjusting the targets for GAW assets accordingly. However we didn't have enough time to test it (it will also allow the player to make GAW asset targets harder if they want), so we removed it but unfortunately left that single thing in there.


Sloppy so apologies. If we do another update sometime I will make sure it is fixed.



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Well why not actually try to get to 100%? Its easy, you don't need to play multiplayer.


First login to Galaxy at War on the N7 HQ website then go to support and a the bottom look for re-sync your account Let the site do its magic and now you should be ready to go. As there is only one server for all EA Mass effect players the server will log you off automatically after 15-30-ish minutes, all you need to do is refresh afterwards.


Sent few ships out here and there, and you have 100% in no time. Officially, no cheats, mods or multiplayer needed. Or did I misunderstood your question?


Link to more comprehensive guide Mass Effect 3: Galaxy at War, Easy 100% Galactic Readiness and War Assets, Effective Military Strength (EMS)  

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