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Has anyone encountered a PKM machine gun mod

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Hi modders. I had a general question that I wanted to ask. I could have sworn I've seen Fallout 4 gameplay videos where someone was using a PKM machine gun...however, I've never been able to find one on nexus mods. 

Has anyone ever seen a PKM being used in game? https://i.imgur.com/ByegNpd.jpg

Could it be listed under a different name? Or part of some pack? 


I have seen WIP renderings, and posts, but not any actual mod.


Thanks so much


Happy New Year



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Heyas GruppaA!  The only rifle that I know of here on the nexus that closely resembles that, is a modernized version, called the WH-77.  https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/19347

There was a texture pack for the original mod, located here https://www.nexusmod...11350?tab=posts that made the original weapon look more like the classic gun that you posted pics to.  However, the mod that the tex pack is for, is no longer around :(



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There is a Stoner 63 mod in the works somewhere out there, last I heard it was in the animation part of development a few months ago. https://www.nexusmod.../images/160153/

As for PKM specifically I haven't seen anything, but I wouldn't be surprised if NovaFinch makes one in the near future.



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Modern Firearms has a variety of light machine guns to choose from. :D

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