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Downloads fail with internet interruption

vortex download internet connection

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what happens if you take a subset of your 80 queued mods - let's say 5 - and allow them to download. do you see the same issues?

To properly recreate that i'd have to simulate my internet failing.


I may have not recreated it perfectly but I chose 5 random mods and queued them. I then turned off wifi on my computer and waited a few seconds. In about 30 seconds all the downloads had the same download failed error message except one that finished downloading before I turned off the internet. All of them were deleted from the mod queue.


It's not about numbers.


I never suggested it was about numbers. I was trying to understand the issue a little better given that your responses up to now are light on actual detail and heavy on snark.


From the little we know, we can deduce the following;

  • It's not a Vortex issue.
  • It's not a download speed issue.

So, on to a little more trouble shooting;


Can you tell me if your home network is configured to automatically obtain DNS server addresses from your ISP, or do you take advantage of a free public DNS?


The reason I'm asking - and this goes back to one response from HTR above - if the DNS server you contact is heavily loaded with traffic, the DNS service on your machine can simply stop working. You would then need to flush out your DNS cache -  or wait for a while and retry.


If the answer to my question is the former, you'd have to contact your ISP to see if they were having issues around the time your issues occurred. They may/may not disclose this to you however. The alternative is for you to be a little sensible and not queue up 80 mods. Try 79, or 78 and see how you go?




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My DNS is automatically configured.


You contradict yourself sir.


You also misunderstand my post. Let me make myself clear.


You are asking me to troubleshoot my connection.

You seem to be following the logic: Internet cut out


                                                        That's the only problem


The downloads didn't cause the connection interruption. As you have said. Vortex isn't the problem in that sense.


But I'm not asking about my connection. I asked why vortex doesn't pause downloads when such an even occurs.


I repeat, I did not submit this because I thought vortex caused the internet problem. The main complaint wasn't about the internet connection. I posted this because vortex did not handle the event by pausing the download.


The "snark" was explaining why the connection wasn't the focus here. As in, this is a vortex bug being posted on the vortex support forum because of vortex.


I mean I'd really like you to explain this:

Vortex puts out an error and gets rid of my queue. I recreate the problem with smaller numbers despite you saying it "wasn't about numbers" and vortex puts out the same error and gets rid of the queue.

You conclude this isn't about vortex.


You claim you never said it was about numbers but then say I need to watch the numbers.




My DNS is automatically configured. My internet is generally very stable, this is a rare occurrence.


Guess what calling my ISP won't do, explain why vortex can't pause a download when service is interrupted. Which is what I explicitly asked in my first post.


But thank you for claiming you never thought it was about numbers while simultaneously in the same post saying the numbers are the problem.


Let me guess what happens next. I get a warning because they said the same thing the other guy said in the same passive aggressive manner that is "just trying to help" as a way to redirect blame and deny the problem stated in plain English from the beginning of this fiasco of a forum and an admin comes in again claiming it was a network issue like the links expiring.



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You have your answer. You need to understand how networks work. Good luck.



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I have looking into your problem further and I was wrong about the expiry. Unless you've kept the downloads waiting for days there's no reason for them to have expired. 


I also was able to replicate some odd behaviour (not what you describe though) but cutting my internet connection. 


My observations were are follows:


  1. The currently active download paused automatically on loss of connection.
  2. Trying to resume that download while offline deletes it from the download list (not ideal!)
  3. When the internet was restore the other downloads attempted to start but immediately says "download complete" and stuck at 0B/s.

I'm still testing so some of this could be one off, but in my case the active downloads definitely paused on loss of connection. 



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When you start a "download with manager" link on nexus mods, all Vortex gets from the site is a so-called nxm link which includes (numerical) mod id, numerical file id and a game id.


Everything else, like the file name and the file size and the actual link to download the file have to be fetched via further network requests. This happens only once Vortex actually starts the download because while the nxm link has a fairly long timeout (2 days) the download link expires more quickly (I can't check how long now but it's going to depend various server side configuration settings anyway).


Now, every one of those requests as well as the actual download can fail with various error messages. Unfortunately network problems are really difficult to handle because there are so many different things that can go wrong. We may get a timeout (we ourselves set a time limit by when we expect a reply), a "socket timeout" (the connection may timeout in the driver, at the firewall, at the ISP due to _their_ timeouts), a disconnect (server or some instance between closed the connection without saying why), a protocol error, an ssl protocol error, the server firewall rejects the connection, cloudflare is notorious for sending html error pages intended for humans to read instead of error codes that we can handle in code and so on.

And sometimes even when we do get an error message it doesn't actually match what's happening, e.g. the server may be overloaded but instead of reporting that we get an error that would indicate the server is mis-configured and wouldn't be available for a while.


In your case the error message was misleading Vortex into assuming the problem was permanent or at least long lasting in that a resume would always produce the the same problem. This may be Vortex misinterpreting the error or the error message being "bad".


It's also worth noting at this point that the api limits how many requests your account can make within a certain time frame so it wouldn't be in your interest for Vortex to retry operations or suggest a "resume" is possible when the error we got indicate it will never work.



So really what we need here is for you (and others with network problems) to send us log files (through the feedback system) so that we can analyse what the concrete network problem was and why Vortex concluded it was a "permanent" problem. Only then can we improve the detection of what constitutes a temporary (resumable) vs a permanent problem.

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