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Need assistance with converting Fallout 3 Companion cast to New Vegas

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So for the past couple of days, I've been trying my hand at not only porting over the NPC companions of Fallout 3 along with their scripts via GECK, I've also been looking around Nexus and outside Nexus for mods that could implement the companions of Fallout 3 to New Vegas. So far, I've only been lucky to find two or so mods that add in Jericho or Star Paladin Cross into New Vegas instead. There are other mods that allow companions from Fallout 3 into New Vegas, but it all has to do with TTW and I honestly don't feel like installing it just for one aspect. 


I've also tried my best to figure out how to best port over the companions on my own, but have been met with a rather big wall in my way. When I used the GECK and FNVedit to port over Butch, I was having trouble understanding a problem to do with the master file. I seen an older forum post a couple days ago talking about switching the master file from Fallout 3 to New Vegas, and when I tried the best I could do was add in FNV's master file onto the New Vegas Butch companion file I had made in the GECK. I couldn't figure out how to remove and replace master files in FNVedit. 


Personally, I don't like asking modders to mod something for me, since I know I could very well do it on my own, but in this instance I'm at a loss here. All I'm looking for right now is possibly some assistance on figuring this whole situation out, maybe someone can pin point me to a mod that already adds them in and I can go from there. 



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I don't think you'll get much help because there's legal issues involved with porting assets from one game to another, Bethesda doesn't like it.



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There is a youtube video that explains how to port mods between FNV and FO3.


This is the search results:  https://www.youtube....ew vegas to fo3


You can do what ever you want with your game.  No one is going to come to your door to inspect your computer.


However, you cannot upload game assets ported between any Bethesda game. 



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The simple, legal answer, install Tale of Two Wastelands, which is off-site. YOu can get all the FO3 companions and just taken them with you. If not, use the PipPhone mod to call the followers in FO3 space to come with and the Pip Phone will give you an option to teleport them to your location.

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