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  1. Have you tried this? Download the File, then select in VORTEX, "Install from file" After reading your post, it sounds like you're expecting that vortex can do things that you want it do, that it's unable to do
  2. Looking for a mod that allowed you to disarm, pick up, and place and set bear traps. Nevermind, it was the Ordinator Perk Mod that allows you to disarm, pickup, craft, and place them.
  3. Same, finally! Never saw the Red one though "I saw a mudcrab today, horrible creatures" is what they say in Oblivion...
  4. Yea, if I went to another tab and maybe watched a YouTube video or something, then came back to the Nexus Tab, and clicked on something like a Mod, or tried to select a game from my custom list of games, or sometimes just switching back to the Nexus tab from another tab, it would dump me to the "Checking for Secure Connection" with the captcha. Thankfully I didn't have to go through several captchas though, it would just be that one checkbox captcha thing. I get enough of Captchas just trying to log into the Epic Game store or "Purchasing" a free game on Epic.
  5. I never saw any announcement, and I reported this yesterday. Was this about getting kicked out and having to go through the "Checking if connection is secure" problem that I mentioned in my first post?
  6. So can anybody on the Staff address my original post? This got hijacked with the post about the banner
  7. Every few minutes the entire site goes back to the "Checking Connection" screen, and I have to click "I am not a robot" checkbox for the Captcha then it returns me exactly to where I was on the site.
  8. Oh god, I hope so, we went through that waaaaaaay back in the day when Morrowind and Oblivion Mods got tossed into one section. Whenever I run across a rogue Morrowind or Oblivion mod in the wrong section, I make sure to report it so it can be moved to the correct section
  9. OK that's good news, and a couple of pages back I believe one of the Moderators said that they are working on adding the search capability, so it looks like things will eventually even out.
  10. So hang on, so decade old posts that tell somebody how to properly use a decade old mod for a decade old game like Oblivion are going away? Some of those posts were invaluable, and were the only posts in existence that could help someone use particular mods etc. Same thing happened a few years ago with Oblivion Reloaded when the mod author closed down the comment section of his "Reloaded" mods, ALL the established troubleshooting posts, and how to properly use the mod and find the INI files to edit etc, all disappeared with the press of a button.
  11. Oh ok, I'm getting confused with all the different things now LOL
  12. Ignore users works, but it just shows "You've chosen to ignore content by NAME" then OPTIONS. I can confirm it's working, in this particular thread.
  13. What I miss the most, which was an invaluable tool, was being able to search the Comments for MODS in the mod section. Instead of having to trudge through hundreds of pages of comments on a mod page, I was able to use the "(Now missing) "Search Forum" button and use the Search Box to quickly find any Mod comment that pertained to my search term. This is especially missed for older games such as Oblivion etc, where I need to search for old comments for a refresher on any quirks with a mod etc.
  14. Are there settings to reduce the default fonts for the forum, they are very very large, even "TheVampireDante's" name gets messed up when they post and now it shows in the Author column as: TheVampireDan te
  15. One thing (just a tiny detail) that I'd like to see reverted/changed is (I forget the name of this), the Icon that shows up in the browser Tab used to be unique to the Forums, and different from the Game Mods Sections, which made it really easy to know which tab was the Forum, and which tab(s) were the Game Mods Tabs, now the Browser tab icon for the forum is the same as the game mods section, which, if you have a few Nexus tabs open, it's impossible to tell which one is the Forum tab now. Also, is there any way to change the size of the Forum? Some of it seems really IN YOUR FACE now, like I'm majorly zoomed in. I know I can use the CTRL+Mouse wheel to set the size in my browser, but I'm wondering if there are any user settings that can be made? Also, I've lost over 7K posts in my post count. Where did they go?
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