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  1. I noticed this recently and wondering if there's a solution yet. or is there really a difference between Game.GetPlayer().GetAnimationVariableBool( "IsFirstPerson" ) and Game.GetPlayer().GetAnimationVariableBool( "IsFirstPerson" ) == True ? cause there really shouldn't be. :) last time the former was working for me was with this april fools mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/30880 so about two months before OP started this topic it was working fine with the latest version of the game. I am always using the latest version and I can confirm it is not working now.
  2. oh my mistake, sorry, I thought I was looking at the FO4 page on the CK wiki. glad it worked out and nice to know about these restrictions, thank you!
  3. hi! why do you have 11 bool values as input parameters? DisablePlayerControls only have 9, of which the first 8 are expected to be booleans and the last one is supposed to be an integer. btw the rest of your code seems to be correct. this example below should work as it's from DialogueGoodneighborScript - when you date Magnolia and been teleported to the hotel room: Function MagnoliaDate() InputEnableLayer myLayer = InputEnableLayer.Create() Actor myPlayer = Game.GetPlayer() Actor MagnoliaREF = Magnolia.GetActorRef() myLayer.DisablePlayerControls() Game.FadeOutGame(True, True, 0.0, 3.0, True) Utility.Wait(5.0) ;Game.PassTime(4) Utility.Wait(0.1) MagnoliaREF.moveto(HotelMagnoliaMarkerREF) myPlayer.Moveto(HotelPlayerMarkerREF) Utility.Wait(0.1) Game.FadeOutGame(False, True, 0.0, 3.0) ;track when the scene should progress DateComplete = 0 MagnoliaGreetScene03.Start() Utility.Wait(3.0) LoversEmbracePerkSpell.Cast(myPlayer, myPlayer) DateComplete = 1 myLayer = None EndFunction
  4. In response to post #48146255. #48146575, #48146820 are all replies on the same post. sorry, don't really want to go into an argument about this subject, just want to make something clear before it totally gets misunderstood. "...the idea was to add a feature that allows you to flag your mod pages whether you like your mods being reviewed or not.(...) with a feature like this, they could notify YouTubers that they don’t want their mods being used in this fashion. And as a result, YouTubers could do their mod searches with a filter and only review mods made by authors who are happy with this concept." maybe I wasn't clear enough but what I meant by that would be an actual tool for mod authors. like a checkbox. like many other checkboxes mod authors have when they edit the attributes of their mods. if you checked it, it would mean you don't like reviews. (or you like them. doesn't matter which way). but it would create a new filter for the site's search engine. just like an NSFW tag or a non-adult-only filter. youtubers who respect this decision would use this filter and wouldn't bother with mods whose creators don't want reviews. sorry if I wasn't clear. gonna play the English is my second language card. ;)
  5. this is awesome guys! thank you for the article, and thank you Dark0ne for picking my mod. it really made my day. :)
  6. In response to post #45435460. #45436655, #45443770 are all replies on the same post. the Witcher 3 alone gives so much attention to the first two games I believe both have more popularity nowadays than after their initial releases. I have a huge backlog of games I want to play at some point in my life, and I played the first Witcher for several weeks after I maxed out W3 and before I had to turn my attention to Fallout 4. it wasn't very comfortable, but I enjoyed it a lot. mods like this one picked in the article really makes me want to go back and continue Geralt's story with better UI and game mechanics even though I already liked the game in the first place.
  7. In response to post #43555830. #43557210, #43557440, #43557540, #43562830, #43564510 are all replies on the same post. #blushing :)
  8. hello, the return value of PlaceAtme() is the spawned ObjectReference. :)
  9. In response to post #41542120. #41542445 is also a reply to the same post. awesome, thank you Robin! :)
  10. Discord is great and this is a very good initiative! however I have one complaint so far and that is tts. I live in GMT+1 timezone and I joined the chat last night. at 4:45 in the morning I woke up because users in the chat started playing around and amuse themselves with discord's built-in text-to-speach functions. I saw others were annoyed as well, for example DogtoothCG asked them to cut it out cause he was at work at the time. needless to say they continued playing around regardless. of course I muted discord's tts since, and I can also shut it down when I go to sleep but if this annoying feature could be switched off for the whole channel that would be even better. :)
  11. have a thing for in-game config menus lately. Visible Companion Affinity v4.0 will support sorting mods like this:
  12. a GTKYMA episode with Dark0ne would be epic! love the idea! Darren and Robin have a great chemistry. :)
  13. don't know if this is a good place for announcements but to all of you who keep sending me messages: I plan to upload all my mods to bethesda.net for all platforms. I plan and should be able to port every of my mods in June. no promises though.
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