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  1. @Impact88: I don't necessarily disagree with your request, but I don't think that you'll see a measurable difference in performance. The fact that a process exists and that some memory is applied to it, doesn't necessarily mean that it's actually using any of the resources while being idle. Also, you are aware that you can start the game directly without using Vortex?
  2. There are not 4 copies. Just two (the archive and the installed version). If you import a file into Vortex manually, you create a copy, true. But that's your own doing. You can delete the original, if you want. If Vortex would delete the original by itself, then I would agree that this would be more than questionable.
  3. The download screen aggregates all downloads for all games, while the Mod screen only shows the installed mods for a single game.
  4. What do you mean with 'install manually'?
  5. On A:? Are you sure? I don't think you can use A: in Windows. But honestly, I've never tried. The download directory is set here: This can be set onto ANY disk drive (doesn't have to be the place the game is installed to). Vortex saves the downloaded archives there. The mod staging path is where the mods are installed to (unpacked, FOMOD installer started). This must be on the same disk drive as the game, but outside of the game directory:
  6. @sopmac: No, Vortex doesn't need to installed on the same drive. It should be installed on c: in the default location. Only the mod staging path needs to be on the same drive as the game. The download path can be anywhere, however.
  7. Well, it seems to work for me. Could be game related, though. Or a temporary outage of Nexus?
  8. Does the link in the property panel of the mod work correctly, i.e. brings up the correct page?
  9. It looks like to set the Mod Staging Folder into the game directory itself. The mod staging path has to be on the same drive as the game (C in your case), but not in the game directory. Since you seem to use the GoG version of FO:NV, you might have to change the access rights for the game's installation directory. Could be that you only write there with admin rights, which is not a good thing.
  10. It's certainly not normal. Where is your game located? On an SSD, a mechanical HDD or even on a network drive?
  11. Well, the error message was created by .net which has certain security measurements in place to deny loading dlls ("assemblies") from a network path. This is put into place by Microsoft for good reason. Why that actually affects you is quite puzzling, but noone programmed that intentionally. So yeah, let's just f... Vortex, of course. People these days just don't have any manners anymore. Actually, you really should not use Mod Organizer 2, since it has been written by the same f...er as Vortex.
  12. Where did you install Vortex to? C:\Applications? Why? Windows itself seems to have an issue loading binaries from there, because it's deemed unsafe. yis this directoy a mounted network drive by any chance?
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