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  1. Most nonconstructive answer, ever. Software has bugs, even MO2. People in this thread are trying to troubleshoot a solution to a specific but not universal issue. I am actually surprised at you @AugustaCalidia
  2. Medium load order, I'd say. 400+ mods. It never purges unless I tell it to.
  3. I don't have this problem. But, to me, it's problematic that the devs don't appear to be taking this seriously.
  4. I purge for legitimate reasons sometimes and FNIS isn't affected when I redeploy..
  5. I use Embers XD. Nothing like that is happening here.
  6. Purging shouldn't ruin anything. It merely remove the links between the staging folder and the game folder. Just re-deploy if necessary.
  7. Disk write error is a problem and should be addressed before you do anything else. This might help. Not sure, dwe is fairly generic. How to Fix the Steam Disk Write Error
  8. If the CM's can't reproduce the problem, then it is on the users to help with that rather than expect hand holding. I never suggested involving CM's on Discord. Just that the Nexus Discord is a convenient place for everybody. And who knows? Maybe a dev will jump in. Crazier things have happened.
  9. Since it is not universal, the 5 or 6 of you should try to figure out what you all have in common that might be an issue. Not saying it is or isn't a bug. But it is certainly a limited problem. Perhaps Discord is a better platform to do this on? Just use The Nexus's Discord if you want.
  10. ??? Vortex by itself won't update your game. But if don't block updates on STEAM, every time you launch your game using the gam e launcher, it will try to update it.
  11. I don't have the purge loop either. Here are my extensions. One clue might be what type of mods trigger this if the mod dependency extension is involved.
  12. Click on it. The gear icon comes up but it never completes. edit: finally completed. Took literally minutes to complete. So still an issue.
  13. Based on this, I would say that your AV might be messing with Vortex. Try allowing Vortex in the AV's settings.
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