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  1. I have discovered that restarting stabilizes my SSE game sometimes when it starts getting randomly crashy. If on Win10, open Task Manager (keyboard shortcut: Shift-Ctrl-Esc), go to the Performance tab, select the CPU performance display, and look for "uptime" to see how long it's been since the computer has had a hard restart/shutdown. You can also check this if you are diagnosing someone else's issues and they claim to have already tried restarting.
  2. A couple days ago, I discovered I could not drag'n'drop files out of a 7z archive. I'd get the little Circle-slash cursor when attempting. I tried reinstalling the latest version of 7z 64-bit (v19.00), and then restarted. The drag'n'drop functionality returned. Except now it's disabled again. I tried restarting, but I am still unable to drag'n'drop extract files from a 7z archive. Is this a known problem? Is there a remedy?
  3. After a mishap with that mesh, private USSEP testing reveals that a further fixed mesh is fully functional. 2.0.8 is sooner than you think, so it'll be out officially then. In the mean time, re-download that dropbox DL for a temp fix.
  4. Okay, it's a layered mesh with effect layers on top of it (not counting the billboard glowey thing) and somehow the innermost layer that's the crystal surface is not rendering. It's using a BSEffectShaderProperty for whatever weird reason (that's used on all the other parts that are visual effects, not mesh surfaces, go fig). I spliced one from an unreleased Multilayer Parallax mod to it that I had laying around forgotten since Oldrim that had a proper BSLightingShaderProperty meant for surfaces, stripped out the MLP effect (not dev intent! Keep with the mission!), enabled other shader flags, matched settings, re-integrated the emissive multiple animation controller, and tested it in the CK. It's working again. Curiously, there is a full diffuse/normal/glow texture set for it, despite the fact that, as-configured, the BSEffectShaderProperty wouldn't use them. I need someone to test it out in-game, because I am not too far into my first SSE playthru and only just now got the Dawnguard recruitment call. Here's the nif. Put it into meshes/DLC01/Clutter. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i8vpue62q378s9c/dlc01idealmastercrystal.nif?dl=0
  5. I looked at the DynDOLOD comments on Skyrim Nexus (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59721?tab=posts) because I saw there were two comments on the comments page and wondered if Sheson made another sticky, since I knew from previous visits the comments page was locked. Instead, I found a post by an ingrate who, instead of following the plainly visible link to the STEP forums where (I presume) Sheson wants forum support centralized, found out how to circumvent the comment lock to post that instead. I figured out how too, as evidenced by my response: simply click on the Forum Thread button and post. Is this intentional? If not, is it possible to wholesale lock mod comment page threads Forum-side as well?
  6. I am really hoping that "Mod Pack" is a poorly chosen term for this, because "Mod Pack" means, to me as a modder, "Loose collection of mods accumulated often without concern for permissions, credit, compatibility, or upkeep".
  7. Ehrm... what? The Railroad will flip their lids at you if you don't pull the emergency evac lever. Furthermore, the stuff Amari does is entirely voluntary. It does in fact sit uneasily with some members. Glory isn't keen on it, yet... look at her. Die-hard Railroad heavy. </factual reassertion>
  8. In response to post #64241181. Due to the lack of manual load order management, I cannot call Vortex a mod manager for BGS games... just a fancy UI wrapper for LOOT.
  9. Which begs the question: What have they been running on since the Great War? Or Eyebots for that matter?
  10. The momentum towards World War 3 was so inevitable that whoever fired the first shot is ultimately irrelevant: No one really won World War 3, and both sides were to blame.
  11. How did I (think I) join(ed) the UPP core team? I just basically did whole-fix ticket submissions enough times. I found and diagnosed the bug (conclusively, which most people do not), and then planned and implemented a solution. All Arthmoor had to do with my tickets oftentimes was just integrate the materials I included on the ticket into the Patch. Eventually, I ended up just being inducted into the core team. Like Arthmoor said, there is no formal process. This is just the path I took.
  12. I was pointed to this Paint.net alternate DDS plugin that can handle the newer BCn format: https://github.com/0xC0000054/pdn-ddsfiletype-plus Keep in mind that you need to rename the file extension to DDS2 so Paint.net differentiates from its native DDS read/write functionality that does not have BCn capability. Change the file extension back once it's ready to go again. As for which DX10+ format for what... Use BC7 for Diffuse and Specular, and use BC5 for stand-alone normals. DXT1 and DXT5 still work for those. This module can also open ATI2N normals that FO4 ships with. In SSE, BC7 for everything short of dedicated specular maps used beside obspace normals (IE: naked body normals) and BC4 for the dedicated obspace specular maps.
  13. What needs compatibility with XDI? I haven't seen anything out-of-place with it and Vault Girl installed...
  14. Is there no interference with the Interface changes done in the round of Creation Club patching?
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