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  1. ... testing Nexus Collections
  2. You can open NIF files in NifScope from the MO file tree/conflicts if you associate NIF files with NifScope in Windows. You don't even need to set up as a MO executable, I don't think.
  3. In response to post #24956179. #24957369 is also a reply to the same post. But what is the 'requirement' used by the mod author to solicit 'investment"? The point is that there should not be any requirement. MAs contribute what they see fit to contribute, and users reward them with donations or endorsements or whatever. Must MAs submit proposals and solicit for supporters? YouTube is more of a service, and contributors provide content as the audience requests. Some people make a living on YouTube in this way (and/or with ads). Modding is completely different, and I don't think Patreon fits at all. Maybe some MAs feel differently though.
  4. Donations: Patreon and Flattr are 'startup' fundraisers, no? Those modes of contributions come to support investment in work not done yet. How many mod authors wish to fill orders from the community? Not many. Most want to do what they want to do and share it with the community. These modes of payment incentivize MAs to become ticket-fillers or 'waiters', creating what the loudest users with the most $ want. MAs would begin working for a biased sample of users. These support modes do not fit or apply to the situation at hand. The community donates to projects they find useful and worthwhile after they have been created and are more like endorsements or "pats on the back" to show appreciation of their achievements. Please just let us donate to projects using PayPal. As long as it is voluntary, there is no legal conflict, even donations at the mod level. If for some ridiculous reason that IS a legal conflict, then autor-level donations are not.
  5. In response to post #24761799. I also should mention the secretive manner in which this thing was rolled out in the first place. Nobody seems to be thinking about that. This now defunct system was not a secret to all members of the modding community. Keeping it secret is at the core of why it failed and created the mess we have now :/
  6. I feel bad for Beth as well. I also agree that releasing their position via that blog BEFORE rolling out the half-baked SW implementation would have really quelled a lot of our major concerns. I am now confident that Beth is a champion for the idea of "Open Modding" ... good for them. Likewise, I feed bad for all mod authors. They should have a common structure for earning money from their mods (i.e., selling their mods rather than giving them away). There is something positive to be said about a pay-for system under specific conditions. Not just any mod should be eligible in such a system. Minimum criteria need to be defined (e.g., no errors, works flawlessly [in base vanilla game], standardized description including all details, ongoing support required, etc.). Improving the donation structure here on the Nexus would be a good start at opening up opportunities for MAs and keep them from exclusively moving their best work to SW. I think the pay-for system will be rolled out again, but hopefully it will be more informed, informative, and piecemeal and hence, more smooth next try. Important: if 50% of the issue with this failed rollout was the fault of Valve/Beth, the other 50% was the fault of the larger community (or a [minority?] subset of the larger modding community). Our community's panic and rancor did nothing but bruise relationships among MAs and MUs and create general contention among us. Greed to capture $ and avoid spending $ was a reactive, knee-jerk poison that hurt things more than the flawed system itself ... crowd mentality makes no sense to me. Modding aligns with more of an individualistic mindset, IMO.
  7. In response to post #24609684. #24612654 is also a reply to the same post. Thanks ... hopefully, the majority of mods will still be available from the Nexus. Otherwise, we'll need to rethink a few things. Time will tell if this pay-for implementation is as half baked as it appears to be.
  8. STEP will follow the Nexus philosophy on this topic by continuing to remain and support free and open modding, paying in time and frustration rather than in dollars and cents. If mod authors want to earn some $ for their mods, that is their prerogative; however, STEP will sadly decline in supporting these mods in our guides and wiki. We'll support anything on the forums though, given we are able without having to purchase pay-for mods. STEP and its affiliates will not be collecting anything other than that which is freely given. Let's see how this whole powder keg blows ...
  9. STEP will follow the Nexus philosophy on this topic by continuing to remain and support free and open modding, paying in time and frustration rather than in dollars and cents. Let's see where this goes ...
  10. Happy B-day! I have been messing around with the Nexus for over 6 years now, and it has come a long way ... by far, the very best TES-modding support site on the planet (and more). I hope it lasts another decade and beyond (perpetually?), so I am entertaining the idea of making annual donations to do my part. To the STEP Community users in particular: I encourage you all to cough up the donation for a premium membership, as the download speed alone is worth the expenditure, given the growing number of mods used in STEP. I typically get download speeds averaging in excess of 3 Mb/s and my limit is imposed by my own connection. @Nexus admin Request support for Free Download Manager, as it is a widely-used free solution and is very efficient and highly rated.
  11. Yessir, this is INDEED the solution! I had the same issue as the OP (minus the mysterious appearance of an edited ini file in my Data folder .. or anywhere else on my box). I had the reddish models and CTD on ALL savegames. I even restored all of my game-related files from backup with no luck at all getting rid of the insideous effects of 'setini "ugridstoload:general" 5' yada, yada. I would up reinstalling Steam and Skyrim to get back to a normal game intit. Then I applied your trick on my last save in vanilla base (had to alt tab a couple of times before my game came back into proper focus to allow console commands), and voila! I had a vanilla save of my most recent game with uGridsToLoad set to 5 in my ini. I reloaded that save to confirm and then attempted to load my modded last save (original) and it crashed just as expected. Thanks for the post dude, you saved me a couple of hours of repeat play time (NM the hours it took me to reconfig everything!).
  12. @Finalize I am having a similar issue with CTD/save corruption just outside of Anvil, and I am pretty sure that Tamriel Travellers is either directly or indirectly involved. I describe details at this post. Do recall having sold any of your items to a TT merchant or whether your CTDs began after doing so? Cheers
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