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  1. I don't know if this applies to your problem, if you have a gamepad in a USB port, try unplugging it. Apparently, Skyrim will at least disable the mouse when it detects a gamepad.
  2. Hi Tannin, sorry for the late reply. The reason I asked this question is because I noticed that the json file structure (classification rules) of captured strings has changed since v1.3.13. Captured files (v1.3.5): Captured files (v1.3.21): I understand that until then, the json file names were determined according to the namespace definitions in the source code. However, in the latest version of Vortex, the module name (package name?) is used. For example, 'about_dialog.json' does not have a namespace definition in the source code. Is this my understanding correct? I am providing a tool to try to extract strings from the source code instead of capturing them. In this tool, I want to output the same json file as the captured one. So, please let me know how exactly the json file name is determined. Thanks in advance.
  3. I don't know, How about using the following console extension mods? More Informative Console
  4. Hi Vortex Devs I have a question about the Vortex translation. There is an "export default withTranslation" statement in the source, and I understand that the argument of this statement indicates which json file to get the translated text from. By the way, there are various variations of the argument for this statement like this: withTranslation(['common']) withTranslation(['changelog-dashlet', 'common']) withTranslation(['common', 'fnis-integration']) withTranslation(['default', 'gamebryo-savegames']) withTranslation('default') If the argument is a single argument, the source would expect to find the translated text in its json, but the question is when there are more than two arguments. Whenever there are more than two arguments, 'common' is specified at the same time, so I know it's OK to have the translated text in common.json, but that doesn't make sense to have separate json for each context. My VortexTrnsTools currently extracts the first parameter as the json file name, but should I extract parameters other than common first? EDIT: And if there is more than one argument, which namespace translation string takes precedence?
  5. I don't have Skyrim VR, but share what I know to you. I've heard that VR and USSEP are NOT compatible, causing serious problems with vanilla quests including weddings. This is because Skyrim VR is much older than Skyrim SE. As you can see from this Reddit post, USSEP 4.1.2 seems to work well for weddings, but I've heard from an acquaintance that there is still another problem. How about try this compatibility patch? : Skyrim VR - USSEP 4.2.2 and SSE 1.5.97 Compatibility Patch
  6. How about check 'Overwrite Steam AppID' option and set to 202480 on CK launcher settings of MO2? I'm still using MO1 instead of MO2 and had this setting (though I can't remember the meaning of setting this).
  7. Did you install immersive armors and Rigmor of bruma? It happens when you install the two at the same time and start a new game. If so, see the sticky post on RoB page.
  8. Hi Muleke, There is advice that may help you. It would be very troublesome and difficult to extract all translations by performing all operations. So I have provided a tool that tries to extract all translations from the source code here: https://www.nexusmods.com/site/mods/33 It is very experimental and far from perfect, but at least it can save time by skipping the actual extraction process. This tool file also includes the pre-extracted English json files, so you can start translating with them.
  9. Cell and location names can be overwritten by mods that edit them. For example, mods such as ELFX and RLO tend to change the name of the place back to English because it changes many cells. For things that are hard to notice, the soundtrack expansion mods also set the sound according to location, so it's likely that the name will change back to English. Are you using xTranslator? Use it to open all plugins, see if there are any untranslated ones, and translate them yourself.
  10. Here are some very unique portable homes: Kagrenac's Refuge - Rotating Dwemer Cube Home by Teabag86 Staff of Shalidor by Haem Projects
  11. I suggest you to read the modding guide published on Nexus and other sites. Below are just a few examples of guides on Nexus. YASHed Guide The Phoenix Flavour - A Modular Modding Guide for Skyrim SE The Phoenix Flavour - Modding guide list After reading a few guides, you should be able to see the mods and trends that should be installed. Good luck :)
  12. The latest versions of USSEP and RS Children have a fatal conflict with Aventus Aretino, and you need to patch the Aventus records using xEdit. Look at each mod page.
  13. How about this? https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/8x6cri/any_way_to_change_the_console_font_size_pc_sse/
  14. Of course you can't port to SSE without explicit permission from the author (if the author doesn't allow it on the mod page). Looking at the author's last access date, it seems that he is not currently active on Nexus. You just have to wait or try another contact (eg SNS or Discord) if you have one. I've waited up to a year to get some mod translation permission. EDIT: Of course there should be no problem if you just port to SSE and use it personally. The problem is to make it public on Nexus or another site.
  15. Congrats CinderHawk! Let me know when you publish your mods. I am interested in your mod as a translator (I don't know Portuguese through).
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