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  1. Zanderat's post in Is vortex reliable? was marked as the answer   
    Not Vortex's fault.  I have modded DAO quite a bit .  Some of the older mods need to be repacked to work with Vortex or only work with DAO-ModManager
  2. Zanderat's post in "Your User List Refers To Groups That Don't Exist" was marked as the answer   
    update: MacSplody (on discord) confirmed that some LOOT groups were removed and replaced with new groups.  Not really a Vortex issue.
  3. Zanderat's post in Plugins Disabling by Themselves was marked as the answer   
    Possible fix.  Unfortunately, with the new forums, I can't link to it.  The fix is on the SSE Engine Fixes page in the current post by Hadariel101, timestamp is 06 December 2023, 4:54AM
  4. Zanderat's post in Hardlink Deployment not available as an option. was marked as the answer   
    The game and Vortex staging folder must be on the drive.
  5. Zanderat's post in Cleaning out the game was marked as the answer   
    I would purge. Delete the contents of the Data folder, re-validate/repair in STEAM to get back anything accidentally deleted, then redeploy.
  6. Zanderat's post in I need Management Conflict Style of Mod Organizer was marked as the answer   
    ??????? Vortex already has file specific conflict management:
  7. Zanderat's post in Separate Skyrim SE from Skyrim AE was marked as the answer   
    SSE has been updated to v1.6.xx. AE is a paid for DLC expansion pack, which includes the SSE update. There is no need for a separate section.
  8. Zanderat's post in Alter Name of Mods in Vortex was marked as the answer   
    Yes. Double click on a mod and in the panel that opens on the right, you can do this.
  9. Zanderat's post in Is autosort corrupting saves or not? was marked as the answer   
    You don't mention which game is giving you trouble. But load order changes won't corrupt a save for TES/FO games.
  10. Zanderat's post in when I load a preset skyrim crashes was marked as the answer   
    Not a Vortex issue. Ask on this presets page.
  11. Zanderat's post in Vortex is not sorting plugins according to rules I set. It wont give me reason either. was marked as the answer   
    Ok. You know best.
  12. Zanderat's post in Can Vortex unpack Morroblivion resources? was marked as the answer   
    Oblivion mods are hit and miss. There weren't a lot standards back then. The resource file specifically looks like it is set up for Wrye BASH. If it were me, I would repack it to be modern mod manager friendly (Vortex or MO2).
  13. Zanderat's post in Vortex & Loot - Groups managing was marked as the answer   
    No. Pick one and stick with it. If you decide top use stand alone LOOT, make that you turn off auto-sorting on the Vortex plugins page.
  14. Zanderat's post in Skyrim: Script Extender Doesn't Work was marked as the answer   
    If it were me, I would:
    PURGE any mod installed WITH Vortex Manually delete any non-vanilla files from your Data folder. If in doubt, delete it. Repair/verify your game with STEAM, to restore any accidentally delete vanilla files. At this point, your game should be back to a functioning vanilla state. Test with a new game to make sure everything is OK. You can use LAL (and its requirements) to skip the intro/Helgen. Install SKSE64 with Vortex. Test to make sure that you installed it correctly. Hit deploy to add back your purged mods. Test again. Hopefully, everything works. If you still have issues, DISABLE all your mods. Add back a few at a time (install then deploy) and test each time, until you have an issue. That way, you have at least narrowed down the problem and it will be easier to find. Good luck.
  15. Zanderat's post in Attempting to Launch Skyrim SE to 2nd Extended Screen via Vortex was marked as the answer   
    I know your monitor 144hz but 60 fps is plenty for this game.
  16. Zanderat's post in Working Mod List was marked as the answer   
    https://wiki.step-project.com/Project:Skyrim_Special_Edition is good. They recommend MO2 but Vortex has the same functionalities and is easier to use.
  17. Zanderat's post in Suppressed Notifications Ver. 1.2.5 was marked as the answer   
    @Tannin42. I see that this was added in ver. 1.2.6. Thanks!
  18. Zanderat's post in Steam dont show running game when launched through Vortex was marked as the answer   
    Look, you can and should use Vortex to install your mods. However, it is NOT a requirement to run any game through Vortex to use mods. After you have installed any mods, close Vortex and run TW3 the normal way. Same goes for any other game.
  19. Zanderat's post in Having Issues with Sending Mods from Staging to Actual Folder was marked as the answer   
  20. Zanderat's post in Vortex doesn't detect SKSE was marked as the answer   
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