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  1. Haha, you're back on the Nexus?
  2. How wonderful to see Peregrine! How are you? And worm too. I've been away myself at a full-time govt. job - not used to full time. But I am back now occassionally, searching for old friends and new .. playing Oblivion now & looking forward to Skyrim. Guy at work says he'll give me the big Skyrim help manual if my hubby buys me Skyrim, so we are in.
  3. Oo Old Moderator before my time.
  4. Amazing, Robin sure does have a heart of gold. I never thought that I would get the chance to meet you. You are quite the legend around here and for mostly the wrong reasons. I don't care about that mess though, I just look forward to having another 140+ back in our ranks. Welcome back, hope it's for good this time. See ya around.
  5. You miss the point: "plz" is NOT A ****ING WORD. If you don't care enough about your request to invest the tiny bit of effort required to type three extra letters, why should anyone care enough to help you?
  6. The allmighty Hellbird has came back to life! This actually was one of the things I wanted to check while coming back to the forums for a short while.

    Good to have you back, you are very entertaining when bashing n00bs.

  7. I do know I'm very impressive, but to call me god? ;p
  8. You are God (happy now?)! I love you!
  9. I'll say the same thing I've said before: you have absolutely no undersanding of game design. Single player and multiplayer (especially MMOs) have entirely different design concepts. Being a good single player game does not translate into being a good multiplayer game, just like good multiplayer doesn't mean the single player is good. While it's possible to have both in one game, that happens because the developers put considerable effort into developing BOTH modes, essentially producing two different games. And immediately get sued by Bethesda for the obvious copyright violation. Trying to sell a mod for money is one of the more suicidal ideas you could have, the developer will enforce their rights. Any plans by Bethesda to make a multiplayer game (which are still pure speculation) are because they feel it is the correct/profitable decision, not because of any efforts by modders. Seriously people, read the earlier posts. I've already explained why this kind of multiplayer is not possible without completely destroying the spirit of the Elder Scrolls series.
  10. Uhm, you gave yourself a comment saying you're god? Well, if it isn't with a capital G, i'm fine with it ;p

    Anyway, just wanted to say great work on your evolution thread! Kudos for your effords!



  11. *bashes head against wall* Why do I feel like I'm talking to myself? Read the damn post I made a little higher on this page. It explains why you are wrong, and why this idea sucks. And Diablo II was NOT an MMORPG. It was a small-party hack and slash action game with no persistent world or large-scale player interaction. While a successful game, its design concept is 180* apart from Morrowind's (though sadly, it isn't so far away from Oblivion's). It would suck beyond belief. It would have absolutely nothing to do with the Elder Scrolls series or their traditional gameplay. Here's a hint: Diablo II only worked with that kind of multiplayer because it was completely linear and the plot was just a flimsy excuse to kill lots of monsters. Now go read my comments on this kind of multiplayer so I don't have to copy/paste them. And then come apologize for being wrong and wasting our time. Oh, perfect. My master thief will just run into your god-mode door and that won't harm my gameplay experience at all! Oh, perfect, lets turn the existing loot system (NO RANDOM LOOT) that is both realistic and perfectly balanced into a WoW-style slot machine. And lets make the gameplay into WoW-style item hunting instead of focusing on the story. Here's a hint: if I wanted to play WoW, I would buy the damn game. And then shortly after that, I would kill myself to end the pain. I don't expect to see WoW's awful game mechanics crossing over into other games. Oh, just what we need. Let's be sure TES V has the story depth of a puddle, so you have something to do when the WoW servers are down. To state the blindingly obvious (that you somehow miss): many story concepts such as rival factions require you to kill NPCs. You know, you should've just admitted this in the first sentence and immediately identified yourself as someone with absolutely no knowledge of proper game design. It would've saved me the bit of effort I wasted in correcting you if I'd realized you were a hopeless cause.
  12. That would be option #2. Personally, I don't like it, it goes completely against the spirit of the games... well, Morrowind at least. For Oblivion it wouldn't be much of a change. Considering the vast differences between my ideal TES V and your hypothetical multiplayer variation, you might as well develop an entirely separate game. It would probably be easier than trying to re-work the game mechanics to function consistently in such completely different ways.
  13. Discussion of the unmentionable. Goodbye Povuholo. It's sad to see you go like this, it was nice knowing you. But to be a fair administrator, Dark0ne can't bend the rules for you just because you're a staff member. After all, it didn't save me... maybe you'll get lucky and just get booted from your staff position? (Read the Terms of Service)
  14. It would be nearly impossible to do this, if you want to have any depth to your game world. Even Oblivion had far too much complexity to make this practical. Think about it... if someone who made different choices enters your game (such as grabbing all of the good unique items) joins, whose game world is used? If it's the host's, what happens to things like the client's house and stash of needed items? And what happens when someone decides to make story choices that conflict with what you are planning to do, such as assassinating key NPCs? Who is going to want to re-do the same quests again because you are all at different places in the game (and what's the point in having multiplayer if you go off and do your own thing and never see your fellow players?)? There are only two options for a multiplayer RPG: 1) Have a fixed storyline, like Neverwinter Nights multiplayer. This isn't a perfect answer, since there's still the issue of finding people who are at the same place in the game to avoid boring gameplay. I can't even count the number of times I've played the early stages of Neverwinter Nights and Diablo II in various multiplayer attempts. But at least it resolves the problem of conflicting game worlds: there are none. Player actions can't impact the world in any meaningful way, so it's easy to say "we're playing Chapter 6", and every player's idea of Chapter 6 is exactly the same. 2) Have essentially no storyline, and make the game revolve around hack and slash action. Diablo II is the classic example, the storyline didn't matter, the only question in organizing a multiplayer game was deciding which massive hordes of monsters you were going to kill with which character levels and equipment. The fact that you already killed Baal and made yourself the hero doesn't matter, you're going to kill him a million times more anyway. Just mow down the hordes of your enemies and pull the lever of the slot-machine boss again, you might actually get an item!
  15. (note: it's considered good manners to at least put some effort into explaining how you survived an attack: in this case, a multi-gigaton kinetic strike capable of wiping out all life on an entire continent) For a brief moment, the space outside Retribution was lit by the flashes of exploding frost atronachs. Retribution's point defense batteries had been designed to stop a full-scale salvo of shielded missiles closing at near-relativistic speeds. Against a horde of slow-moving and effectively un-armored creatures, the results could only be described as a massacre. When the hailstorm of anti-snowballs lifted, only a few drifting shards of ice remained, glittering in the harsh sunlight. It was quite pretty. Basic rule of tactics, Retribution's commander thought as he keyed in the next salvo coordinates, control the high ground and win the war. The warship's computers had effortlessly traced the atronachs' path back to their origins. Within moments, another multi-gigaton sledgehammer obliterated all trace of the heretic's base, along with all trace of life in a thousand mile radius. It was a good year to be in the ice-skating business... Everywhere and Nowhere, the Almighty Lord Peregrine contemplated the last series of moves. It was almost disappointing, He realized, that the only players of the Great Game to rival His skill were long departed. With a fatalistic sweep of a wing, He nudged another pawn, and another rival disappeared in a burst of Cleansing Fire. But His Heart wasn't truly in it, the Glorious Crusade had become almost a chore. It was such a lonely job being omnipotent...
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